October 30, 2011

Cool Caveman Walkers: OeTZI 3300

Indeed, history repeats itself.

Very much like fashion trends.

Who would have thought the footwear of cavemen will be back with a stylish twist?

Well, better believe it.

Because OeTZI 3300 is here. 

Inspired from the past. Crafted with today in mind. 

The tagline says it all. 

The brand took its inspiration from the leathery boots of cavemen which gave them their  much needed warmth and protection during the time when Jurassic Park was quite real.  

Though seemingly bulky at first glance, I swear, when you try on a pair of these funky shoes, you wouldn't want to take them off. Very comfortable with water proof insulated soles that utilizes cork technology: the insoles actually conform to the shape of your feet for maximum comfort. 

As in, they have this what you call a "break in" period: you have to wear your new pair at least 3x to have the insoles adjust accordingly and get the perfect fit. Ganyan, parang car lang? Sosyal! Haha! 

Don't worry though about looking outdated because they have come up with several styles fit for today's fashion scene. Nothing shabby. All chic. 

From slip ons which can give Toms Shoes a run for their money...

To boots which look and feel divine, specially when worn during the cold holidays...

you can be sure that OeTZI 3300 is one blast from the past which you wouldn't mind seeing more of in the future. :)

I know I wouldn't. 

These boxes tell you to read between the lines. :)

OeTZI 3300 is currently distributed at leading GBX stores nationwide.

For more details, check out their website at shop.oetzi3300.com.

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