July 18, 2012

Shooting Shoes: Instagram Fever

Ok. So I have been unforgivably busy.

But hey, we all need to work hard to earn a living.

And for me to be able to have enough funds to buy my favorite pairs.

I'm sure you guys will understand.

I wasn't really out of the picture. 

Thanks to the wonderful application called Instagram.

This little wonder of an app allows me to take a picture of the pairs I wear on a regular basis.

As in real time. 

It also allows me to do bits of editing to enhance the contrast, fades etc. to make each and every shot picture perfect.

A little adjustment here and there and voila, I can upload the pics instantaneously for all my readers to appreciate.:)

I do this every now and then...strike anywhere actually: during meetings, at home, in the mall...wherever and whenever my pair yearns to be exposed.

Instagram makes it very convenient for me to feature a pair or two. 

A definite stress-reliever for a busy corporate soul like me.:)

Never too busy I guess to showcase my favorite pairs.

Instant gratification indeed.:)

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July 3, 2012

Budget Find: Striped Sneakers from Mogao

Only shows that I don't have to wait until it's payday. :)

I stumbled upon this gem while canvassing for event materials at SM North.

I needed a breather after spending more than two hours checking out each and every store at the Cyberzone for the tablet PCs I needed.

So I went to the main mall and chanced upon these.

What a pleasant surprise indeed!

An eye candy in every sense.:)

Overly cute sneakers from Korea. 

Sold at Mogao, located at the third floor of the main building of SM North.

Quite comfortable as well.

Stylishly preppy.

And quite a steal at...brace yourselves.... P 400! 

Yup. P 400 bucks.:) Super worth it.:)

So the next day, I got inspired to wear it while buying stuff for my home 
(I needed an AVR for my Xbox).

Sunny stripes from...err...never mind the name.:) 

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June 26, 2012

Fats away with the Adidas F50 Runner M

And so recently, my friends and I launched our very own weight-loss program.

"Tugis-Jubis" as we fondly called it.

(Meaning: Away with Fats)

Reason being is that we were not getting any younger and we recognized the need to live a healthy lifestyle if we want to last long. 

Apart from the fact that we were all vain and we very much want our clothes to fit well.

Taking the challenge to heart, I decided to inspire myself even more by getting a new pair of running shoes.

Ako pa, madali ma-motivate. :)

Check this out: the Adidas F50 Runner M.

In my favorite shade of purple and bright green.

I just love its striking look! 

Fashionably flashy in its own way.

Lighweight. Durable. Comfortable. 

Perfect for a glamor runner (ergo: wannabe haha!) like me. 

And being the overly excited contender that I was, I immediately went to UP Diliman to try out my latest pair.:)

My, my, I never thought running could be this fun.

And fashionable.

Thanks to my Adidas F50 Runner M. :)

Away with calories! :)

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June 21, 2012

My Little Pony: The Adidas Jeremy Scott Pony SLM

I told you I was going to get myself a pair anytime soon.

My insanely full schedule is killing me!

Not that I'm complaining. After all, busy is good.:)

I just had to reward myself.

And admittedly, I found the perfect excuse.:)

Check out this ravishing pair from Adidas.:)

The Adidas JS Pony SLM.:)

More than a pony, it reminds me of cow hide though.:)

Peg: New Zealand. Haha!

My perfect pair for a boring suit.

The buckle reminds me of a wild,wild west feel.

Oh well, couldn't care much as long as it looks good on me.:)

Now I can start horsing around.:) Haha!

Thanks to my Adidas JS Pony SLM. :)

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June 10, 2012

I Heart Italy: Superga Flag Italia

I told you I was going to get myself that pair.

That blog entry was definitely a teaser. haha!

In fairness, the box alone looks so premium. True to its Italian origin.

Of course I had to prolong the suspense and have all my readers think whether I got myself the pair or not.

I guess it's already given. Haha!

Who could have refused this flag-inspired wonder pair?

Super like indeed! My first Superga pair!

Limited edition. And since I was told that only a few pairs were left, then again, I am indeed a lucky guy.:)

Casually chic. Colorful:)

Psst. Please don't sue me for colonial mentality. haha! 

But hey, what's bad about admiring an Italian pair once in a while? :)

Check out my Superga Italia flag shoes at Tamsui.:)

Flying colors indeed. Haha! 

Viva Italia!

Viva Superga! :)

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June 5, 2012

Raging Red: The Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium

I think offhand, red is one of the dominant colors in my shoe closet.

I love its innate fierceness. 

An attention stealer indeed.

And this pair from Nike is no exception.

The Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium.

I got this pair after my speaking engagement in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

I did a creative workshop for one of the advertising agencies there.:)

And guess what? After the workshop, the attendees rewarded me with this pair.:)

They found out about my love for shoes so the locals got me a pair.:)

I will always be grateful:)

I love its cool look and the soft insoles.

Skater boy meets corporate chic. 

Love. Love. Love.:)

Check out my chosen look during my case presentation at AIM. :)

Who ever thought business suits can be so fashion forward.:)

Thanks to my Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium. 

My statement soared high.:)

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May 24, 2012

Sandals for Suits: The JS Mega Softcell Sandals

Summer. The perfect excuse to get myself a pair of sandals.:)

I posted earlier about the pairs I have been crushing on from Adidas. :)

Of course, with my insanely busy schedule and overwhelming work load, plus the hot weather outside, made me get myself a pair to lift my spirits better.

It did wonders to my tired soul.:) Check out this pair from Adidas. The JS Mega Softcell Sandals.

Soft leather straps. Peep hole. Basic Contrast.

Loving the weaves! And the insoles are perfect for long walks since they are overly soft. True to its namesake. Mega soft pala.:)

Makes the hot summer seem cooler. 

Or was it just my wishful thinking. haha!

Words can't even describe how much I adore this pair of strollers.:)

Check out my chosen look during a recent meeting.

Formal meets fierce.

Thanks to my Adidas JS Mega Softcell Sandals. :)

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