August 1, 2011

Fierce Finds: The Adidas Jeremy Scott Animal Series

I've always been fond of animals. :)

Growing up, I think I probably had enough pets to start a mini-zoo: from puppies, to stray cats, to smelly love birds to horny hamsters...I have taken care of them all to the best of my nurturing abilities.

To date though, I only have three dogs with me (a long-haired dachshund, a Chihuahua, and a Pom Spitz) and a dozen or so Koi fishes in my mini pond at home.

But my fondness for animals never did fade through the years.

More so now that I have discovered an entirely new breed...from Jeremy Scott.

I have already mentioned in my previous post how much I loved this guy. For me, he's the man!

Since he came out with his line for Adidas, I instantaneously became a die-hard fan.

And after seeing his animal-inspired line, I knew I was definitely hooked.

He started with this cute mouse pair, inspired by my childhood hero, Mickey.

Going even further, he brought my favorite bedtime companion to life.

And my teddy's girlfriend too!

Aww. Sweet. :)

But my dear Jeremy Scott never did stop amusing me.

The fierce streak continued with his latest creations for the Adidas Winter/Fall 2011 Collection:

From classic, to classy. King Kong will be proud of his descendant.

No need for Kung Fu tricks to stand out in this adorable Panda number.

And this Leopard simply spelled as L-O-V-E!

Can't wait to have this man do a peacock pair. :)

And I'm quite keen on getting any of these pairs soon...since my July shopping ban is officially over today. :)

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