July 18, 2012

Shooting Shoes: Instagram Fever

Ok. So I have been unforgivably busy.

But hey, we all need to work hard to earn a living.

And for me to be able to have enough funds to buy my favorite pairs.

I'm sure you guys will understand.

I wasn't really out of the picture. 

Thanks to the wonderful application called Instagram.

This little wonder of an app allows me to take a picture of the pairs I wear on a regular basis.

As in real time. 

It also allows me to do bits of editing to enhance the contrast, fades etc. to make each and every shot picture perfect.

A little adjustment here and there and voila, I can upload the pics instantaneously for all my readers to appreciate.:)

I do this every now and then...strike anywhere actually: during meetings, at home, in the mall...wherever and whenever my pair yearns to be exposed.

Instagram makes it very convenient for me to feature a pair or two. 

A definite stress-reliever for a busy corporate soul like me.:)

Never too busy I guess to showcase my favorite pairs.

Instant gratification indeed.:)

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July 3, 2012

Budget Find: Striped Sneakers from Mogao

Only shows that I don't have to wait until it's payday. :)

I stumbled upon this gem while canvassing for event materials at SM North.

I needed a breather after spending more than two hours checking out each and every store at the Cyberzone for the tablet PCs I needed.

So I went to the main mall and chanced upon these.

What a pleasant surprise indeed!

An eye candy in every sense.:)

Overly cute sneakers from Korea. 

Sold at Mogao, located at the third floor of the main building of SM North.

Quite comfortable as well.

Stylishly preppy.

And quite a steal at...brace yourselves.... P 400! 

Yup. P 400 bucks.:) Super worth it.:)

So the next day, I got inspired to wear it while buying stuff for my home 
(I needed an AVR for my Xbox).

Sunny stripes from...err...never mind the name.:) 

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