October 22, 2011

Just Because: The Adidas Mega SoftCell RH

Sometimes you just wake up having such tremendous amount of positive energy.

And today, is one of those days.

I woke up feeling very energetic and happy. 

Maybe because I got my full 8-hour sleep for a change.

Or perhaps due to the many good realizations I had in between.

Whatever the reason may be, it made me pull out a new pair in no time. 

My "just because".

My "just because"  pair goes well with my "just because" shirt. 

The Adidas Mega SoftCell RH.

"Just Because" actually means that during happy times, you just have to wear something new to match your mood. No special occasion needed. Just happy hormones. :)

Just looking at this dainty pair made me even happier.

Perfect for a casual look for the weekend, or as an alternate gym training pair (not advisable for distance running though).

And its blue shade is reminiscent of the sky high dreams I have --which hopefully I can fulfill soon.

My, my, such optimism here. :)

True to its namesake, quite soft and comfortable inside.

Mega. Haha!

So here's my chosen look this morning before heading to the gym to burn calories.:)

All Adidas. From head to toe. 

Just because.:)


Best Business Brands said...

Happy 5th! Saw your email. Good job...

Best Business Brands,

Myke Celis said...

Hey Hey.:) Thanks a lot. hope to see you there.;)

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