October 14, 2011

Fashion Forward at the Feiyue Shoe Launch with the Adidas Questar

Nothing more exciting than having a new shoe brand in the market!

Last night was the grand launch of Feiyue (which means flying forward in Chinese), a European label that's gradually making waves here in Asia after setting up an office in Singapore last year. Thank God these pairs landed on our shores! 

Since being acquired by a group of French sneakers enthusiasts in 2006, Feiyue has undergone several make-overs which resulted to its modern, sleek and classy look today which makes it perfect for the fashion-forward market.

Price range is from P2,000 to P4,+++ --- not bad for a pair of casually chic sneakers!

A launch as fabulous as this deserves a look that's just at par.

An emergency! Haha!

Thank goodness, I already have a look in mind...and a pair of new walkers to match.

The Adidas Questar. 

Hip. Young. Bright. Chic. 

Funky and fabulous. With built in reflectors. 

It actually changes in color when its picture is taken. Turns to white. Promise.

Comes with 3 pairs of colored laces: blue, orange and yellow. All neon.

Aren't these the coolest soles you've ever laid eyes on?

Here's my chosen look for the event with my press kit. :) 

Anyway, here's a glimpse of what transpired last night during the launch at Opus Bar in Resorts World Manila:

As expected, there were shoes everywhere! This group of Feiyue waxy leather walkers caught my attention instantaneously.

I like the blue one from this A.S. series bunch. 

Hello, quite obviously, I'm digging the red-laced A.S. high. 

These vintage pairs were adorable as well. 

Don't you just find the design quirky?

Nothing ordinary about this Feiyue Lo Plain series number.

Interesting campaign indeed.

No wonder my smile was crooked. Haha!

Overall, I had a grand time. 

Can't wait to grab a pair.:) In fast-forward mode. Haha!

Feiyue shoes are now available at selected Shoe Salon outlets in the Metro.

For more details, please visit Feiyue's website at www.feiyue-shoes.com.

Like Feiyue Philippines at Facebook.:)

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