October 9, 2011

Liezel's Under the Sea Birthday Celebration with the Adidas Orbid 1.1

Everyone deserves to have a happy birthday.

Including my favorite house help, Liezel. :)

Liezel has been with my family for quite some time now and I have to admit, she's one of the best we ever had. Naks. Birthday niya kasi. Haha!

Kidding aside, she and I got along really well.

Anyway, going back to my story, two weeks ago I asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday.

"Sir Myke, kahit ano lang po."

"Eh ano ba ang mga hilig mo?"

Without batting an eyelash she answered: " Mga hayop po!"

Ano daw, beastiality?! Haha!

I set aside the devilish thought upon seeing she meant well.

I saw her face light up when I said: Ok, on your birthday, let's go to Manila Ocean Park.

"Thank you Sir!" she said gratefully. Her sincerity melted my heart.

"Fine, fine so you have two weeks to practice yung heels na binili mo with the rest of your get up."

Liezel just laughed heartily.

The fateful day came and course at the same time I felt pressured.

Siyempre hindi ako papatalo, I told myself silently.

Good thing that I have my own emergency weekend look for the rainy season.

Long sleeved top, long short...and a new pair of shoes:

The Adidas Orbid 1.1. 

In purple yam shade mixed with metallic silver. 

It's actually a pair of training shoes which can double as a durable pair of walkers, perfect for the slightly muddy pathway. 

Soft cushioned and light weight. 

Not too loud to upstage Liezel's look. Haha! 

The perfect pair to go with my laidback ensemble. 

So I immediately put on my "Liezel's party look" and dragged my Mom in the process. Haha! 

Here are some some pics of Liezel during her first adventure at the Manila Ocean Park (which happens to be my 3rd. )

Posing near an info board (sadly, a bunch of rowdy kids were having their darn field trip so we didn't get to take good pictures near the fishes---the kids were all over the place!)

Here she is at the garden terrace, all poised and quite unmindful of the mob of impatient visitors staring at her waiting for their turn at the terrace's corner. Duh. Inyo na! Haha! 

Luckily, we found a spot where I can have Liezel's picture taken: at a seemingly empty aquarium. No wonder it was deserted. haha!

I think this is one of her best shots. 

"Wow, Sir Myke ang laki!" 

Parang di naman halata dear. Haha! 

And pose. Fierce! Haha! 

Spot the difference. Haha!

Classic: "Sir Myke, di ba ulam niyo yan?"

Me: "Alin?'

Liezel (pointing at the fishes behind her): "Yan, yung Tilapia!"


A candid shot with my Mom inside the aquarium tunnel. 

And Liezel with her stuffed friends from the sea. :) 

Before I forget, I did have a shot of me taken during our little trip: 

Overall, I saw the Liezel had much fun. So did my Mom and I. 

She deserves it. Happy birthday Liezel. :)

Indeed, it was a one-of-a-kind under the sea adventure.

With the Adidas Orbid 1.1.

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