April 20, 2011

SHOE Adventures Cycle 2: Adidas Court Adapt @ Coffee Talk

Wishes do come true.

Mine just did.:)

Whether it was because of the alignment of the universe, the will of God or the coin I dropped inside the wishing well at Disneyland, I couldn't care less.

I am just darn thankful. Hehe.

You might be wondering what I wished for.

Well, for quite sometime I have been restless.

Maybe because of the stress from work, my teaching post and other personal matters in between.

All the while, I wanted just one thing: a break from it all.

So consistently I called on fate to favor me.

And guess what? Fate was kind enough to grant me my wish.

Earlier this year i told myself that I would make a bucket list of the things I want to do and the places I want to visit since I'm turning 30 this coming August.

Part of that list was to go and experience the wonderful culture and sights of Bohol. You know like, have my pic taken at the Chocolate Hills, indulge in the feast at the Loboc River and mingle with the tarsiers.

Lo and behold, last week, I managed to squeeze in my hectic schedule this quick weekend getaway.

Thank God for time management...and the internet. Hehe.

So off to Bohol I went.

But of course, you know me too well.

I've been trained to never come unprepared for a battle.

So I brought out my newest wish granted.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you might have seen this particular pair included in my wishlist (check out my previous entry): Working for my wishlist: Adidas Inspired.

So while I was busily engaging in my retail therapy at Mongkok, HK recently, I saw my favored pair right before my eyes.

At first I couldn't believe it since I only saw the pair online. 

I was starstruck.

By the Adidas Court Adapt.

It was simply as beautiful as I perceived it to be.

I grabbed a pair to check out its texture and feel.

I wasn't wrong. It was very much like Crocs, only edgier and perhaps a bit more comfortable. 

The shiny cloth-like support at the hind part saves one from the nasty callouses other pairs may bring during long strolls.

And the lime color....was simply lovely.

It was love at first sight for me indeed.

And at HKD $ 299 (roughly around P 1,800), it was one temptation I couldn't resist.

So I did get myself a pair which I managed to put into good use since I intended to go to the beach and take Bus # 11(see previous post) most of the time.

Anyway, going back to my story.

Being a first-timer in Bohol,  I was quite excited. I could barely contain myself.

But then again, I needed a dose of caffeine. 

For those of you who know me personally, you can probably attest to the fact how much I loved coffee.

Coffee shares an equal billing with shoes in my vocabulary.

So the moment I stepped out of our resort (Paragayo), I saw a signage which made my heart skip a beat.

Now let's talk business. Hehe.

I immediately rushed inside to get myself a drink.

I was welcomed by the owner, Tita Doris, who immediately engaged me in an animated conversation.

After finding out that I was a tourist on vacation who keeps a shoe blog, she immediately offered to serve breakfast for me and my friends so I can blog about her coffee shop.

Who am I to resist such tempting offer? 

I saw a menu tarp outside but I already forgot what was being served and Tita Doris was quick to suggest her best sellers.

"You just try out everything and let me know what you think", she said with a smile.

Bongga. Galante siya.:) 

During our conversation, I learned that she got the name after being inspired by the practice of exchanging stories over coffee. To date, she has two branches: one in Robinsons Cebu and the other one at Panglao Beach, where I was at that time.

While we were talking, I checked out the place. It was much like a small quiet nook where you would love to spend your afternoons reading your favorite book or updating your ipod. 

Just perfect for someone like me whose tired corporate soul needs some fresh air.

"I just opened last month so I would appreciate if you can give me some honest feedback," she said apologetically.

Aww, humble much. Pero sige. Magaling ako manlait. Haha.

Finally our breakfast came.

Five different viands for 5 people. 

I chose the beef tapa combo to go with my capuccino.

Mind you, at P145 each, the serving was really big. 

Hungry as I was, I wasted no time in trying out my breakfast plate (and my friends' too, para ma-try lahat di ba? hehe) 

Winner. I can finish this. Hehe.

I took a sip of my capuccino and was brought instantly to coffee heaven.

I love it. What brand are you using (pa-bibo)?

"I distribute Danesi. It's a good brand." , Tita Doris said.

Tita Doris, ikaw na ang big time, I silently told myself and smiled. 

Promise my breakfast set was very good. My friends enjoyed theirs as well.

"So how did you find everything?" Tita Doris asked after finishing our meals.

I smiled upon seeing her nervous look.

"It was all good Tita. No worries." 

No stir.

Happy with what I said, she immediately invited me to have coffee with her when I visit Cebu.

I was quite overwhelmed by her excitement that I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

And my smile grew wider when she offered to give us a 50% discount on our bill.

Bongga. Tipid talaga. :) Thank You Tita Doris.:)

Much like my shoes. The Adidas Court Adapt. Value for money indeed.

And the experience of having both: my dream pair and my dream vacation...was simply priceless.

For inquiries about Coffee Talk, please email Tita Doris at doris0317@yahoo.com. :)

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April 12, 2011

Summer Strollers: Kickers Striped Espadrilles

Yup, summer is officially here!

The sand. The sun. And my new pair of shoes. Hehe.

As early as now, I've been asked time and again what I intend to do over the long holiday.

Go to the beach? Perhaps.

But I just went to Boracay last month. And will be going to Bohol in a few days...to stay at Panglao beach. Haha.

Hmmm. What if I just go abroad? Maybe.

But then again, I just got back from Hong Kong 3 days ago so I don't think that can be an option. Plus, I think I over shopped. But that's retail therapy right? :)

So with only a few days left before we commemorate the holy week, I am left with no plans.

But I do have a concrete answer to the persistent question:

When everything fails, get myself a new pair of shoes.

Works for me.

I would gladly spend say 2 days (since malls will be open by Saturday afterlunch) watching DVDs or embarking on a church tour all over the metro, just to save enough money to get the pair I have on my wish list.

Ok. Here goes nothing. I have decided.

So off to the mall I went.

I have always been a frequent visitor of SM North The Block because of its strategic location: A 10 minute drive from my place brings me closer to my gym (Fitness First) and one of my favorite shoe brands: Kickers.

I was told that they had a clearance sale (thanks to my constant research) so being the SHOEpaholic that I was, I hurriedly went there to check out the merchandise.

When I got there, I immediately saw the pair I was eyeing months before.

It was a pair of colorful striped espadrilles.

Made of unique, almost organic (I couldn't think of the right word) material that resembles coconut husks, it was definitely a sight to behold.

I tried it on before so I knew it was as comfortable as can be. For people like me who like to take Bus # 11 (HK's pop term for going on long walks), this pair indeed can be such a worthy ally.

Oh and the colors: Summer at its finest. Think about earth, wind, water, and fire...well represented in deed. If it had a bright red streak, it would have formed Captain Planet (So 1980s). Haha!

Hey, at P2,995 I found the pair quite expensive then. Maybe because everytime I would chance upon the pair, I already spent my money on something more important (yup, shoes aren't and shouldn't be the end all of everything)

So I just did the usual: gave the pair a "courtesy call" and then silently wish I could afford it.

When I was about to put it down, a bright red tag caught my eye.

P 1,670.


Mentally I computed the amount I would have spent on a plane ticket going to an island paradise and I arrived at a beautiful conclusion that the tag price cost barely a fraction.


I gave the pair a second look and saw it was a 9.5.

Perfect. The universe aligned once more.

I asked for a new stock but I was told it was the last pair.

Lord, thanks. Patience indeed is a virtue. Hehe.

So I held on to the last pair for dear life until I managed to pay for it.

After getting the receipt, I felt like I won the lottery. Hehe.

So here I am days before the holy week...where boredom strikes big time for those who have no plans.

But me, am ready.

I'll let my summer stripes show me the way.

Thank you Kickers.
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April 1, 2011

SHOE Adventures Cycle 1: Sueno De Espadrilles @ Kazam Kebab House

I've been invited a couple of times by different clients to blog about their products.

At first I was quite hesitant since I'm a shoe blogger so one cannot really expect me to do reviews for a new cellphone model or be a guinea pig for a skin care brand. 

But recently though, I had a change of heart. I actually started entertaining the thought of marrying my passion for shoes with other products---if and only if I  a.) like the product b.) use the product c.) am friends with the person asking me to try out his/her product.

Indeed friendship can do so much.

You see, my long-time client and friend Joey, invited me to try out Kazam, his wife Geri's business venture.

Hmmm. A Persian Restaurant. Sosyal. I told myself.

" The food is great and you must definitely try the oxbrain. Simply to die for! "

Because of cholesterol? I silently let the evil thought melt away on its own.

"The kebabs are good as well. Try it. Geri will be there naman."

Ok fine. How can I ever say no to my favorite client since I started my own advertising agency way back in 2006? 

Apart from that, I've always had the liking for Persian food. Keema, shawarma and kebabs have always been in my list of favorites. 

So yes, I did agree to visit his restaurant.

Mentally calculating the days I had before my scheduled visit to the place, I did a research about Persian culture since I want to tailor-fit my outfit to the said occasion.

Prior to the said invitation, being the seemingly dumb blonde, I only associate Persia with either a.) a long-haired cat or b.) a furry rug. 

I found out that Persian culture is highly dominated by colors and woven art. 

Great, we share the love for colors. 

But woven art. Err. I don't think woven shoes are still in fashion.

I remember my grandmother wearing one. But me? 

I would rather eat tons of very spicy keema and ruin my diet than be caught dead wearing such a pair.

I was about to lose hope when I stumbled upon a kiosk at Greenbelt 5 (kung saan bawal daw ang poor people, as stated in the FB pics circulating around. But since my friend Joey and his wife Geri are sosyalin, level dapat. Peace.:) Love you both. :))


I wasted no time and started checking out the merchandise. 

So cute!!!!! Quirky pairs!!!

My eyes narrowed down to a single pair with a splatter of various bright colors...and woven sides.

Could it be.....yes, you got it! My own  version of Persia ito! Hahaha!

I immediately asked for my size only to find out that all stocks where already out.

But since Lady luck was on my side, I managed to snag a pair that fits perfectly to a T.

And yes, it was the last one. Hehe.

Before I could even ask the sales lady, she blurted what I have been wanting to hear:

" Sir, on sale today. Original price is P2,500, pero now P 995 na lang! "

Music to my ears. So go for the gold!

I got the pair which was placed inside a cocoon-like woven bag. See Persian? Haha. (Seriously though, I read about the brand and it stated that the shoes were actually made in Spain. Pwede na din. Sosyal pa rin. Haha. Level)

Anyway, the much awaited day came and I just decided to wear my new found pair with a plain white shirt and ribbed bottom jeans so that it would pop out with its brilliant colors.

When I finally arrived at Kazam (located strategically at the Mandaluyong Rotonda facing the Cityhall), I was greeted by Geri herself.

The place was very homey. Comfortable. Non-intimidating. Perfect for those in search of a laid back place to unwind afterwork.

In fairness, bagay suot ko, I silently told myself. Tamang arte lang. Haha. :)

I was quite excited to try out the dishes so I immediately ordered the legendary oxbrain and kebab which Joey was raving about.

But of course being the gracious host that she was, Geri offered us bread and Motabal (an eggplant based spread, in lay man's terms).
I like it here na. Hehe.

And when my order finally arrived, I was surprised with the big serving they had. Value for money indeed!

For a moment I just stared at my plate, mentally calculating the calories I have to burn at the gym the following day.

What the heck, by all means, go!

I wasn't wrong. It was all good. Better than most Persian restos I've tried. 

And I'm not saying this because the couple are my friends.

I'm saying this because I mean it. Naks. 

Persian na Persian talaga. Much like my shoes (I need to establish this. Hehe.)

Kidding aside, I found two things in common between my chosen pair of walkers and Kazam:

a.) Value for money
- Big servings, tasty food for Kazam
- At 60% off, my chosen pair was a steal. Aarte pa ba ako?

b.) Comfortable
- Kazam, with its laid-back vibe is the perfect hang-out for those who long for good Persian food in a quaint setting
- The woven in-soles proved to be very comfortable, perfect for the long summer strolls at the mall or the beach

See, I managed to connect everything.:) It was meant to be.:)

For those interested in trying out Kazam's authentic Persian cuisines, check this out: 

Or contact  Kazam at:

Till my next Shoe Adventure! 

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