June 30, 2011

SHOEpper's Guide 6: Robinsons Mall Pampanga and NLEX Shell and Caltex Station

Of course by now you might have figured out that work wasn't my only reason for braving the weather in Pampanga last weekend.

You see, prior to my scheduled road trip, I my did research and found out that there were a couple of outlet stores in Robinsons Mall Pampanga and at the Shell and Caltex Gas station at the NLEX.

My, my...so rain or shine, I must go! Hahaha!

So off I drove to San Fernando Pampanga, where my on-ground activation at Fitness First SM Pampanga branch was scheduled. After I made sure that everything was set, I excitedly proceeded to cross the street where my target destination was.

Normally, I would cringe at the thought of walking through the muddy overpass in my new K-Bond green sneakers, but the thought of finding a haven of outlet stores was more than enough inspiration to keep me going. Hehe.

When I finally reached the famed Robinsons Mall, I was quite surprised: it looked nothing like its Manila-based counterpart. It looked more like Shoppesville in Greenhills. But with all the sale items around, I couldn't even bother to complain.

Everywhere I looked, there was an outlet store in sight.

Three for P1,000. Not bad. For women that is. Bad for me. Haha

Women need not look any further with out of this world discounts like these.

My girl friends will simply die when I tell them about this!

Goody! Finally something for me...at the corridors. Haha!

Another surplus shop. Worth checking out.

Brands oh brands. I loved their Lacoste and Armani items.

Even on my way up the escalator, all I saw was a bunch of sale items!

My favorite. 

Can i just get them all? Haha!

Ooh. I just can't have enough.

True to my words, after getting my fill of sale items, I excitedly asked my family to join me in yet another road trip. 

This time towards the outlet stores at the NLEX gas stations.

Quite convenient since we will be able to pass by them on our way home from Pampanga. 

First stop was at the Caltex Gas Station, a few kilometers away from San Fernando Pampanga. 

What a wonderful sight to behold.

Nike has very good selections. And discounts as well.

There's also Adidas of course.

The stocks here are outrageously discounted! I even saw some hard to find ones. :)

If you're into branded clothes and accessories, the store at my back is the one for you.

After the Caltex Mega Station, About 10 kilometers away is the Shell Station where another outlet store can be found:

Worth the drive, even if it's the lone outlet store there. 

Items go from P150 up. Super value for money indeed!

I guess you already have an idea now where to go when you head towards the North. 

The drive may be a bit long...but the best buys will be well worth it. 

Trust me.;) 

I need not explain why. Haha!

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