October 30, 2011

Cool Caveman Walkers: OeTZI 3300

Indeed, history repeats itself.

Very much like fashion trends.

Who would have thought the footwear of cavemen will be back with a stylish twist?

Well, better believe it.

Because OeTZI 3300 is here. 

Inspired from the past. Crafted with today in mind. 

The tagline says it all. 

The brand took its inspiration from the leathery boots of cavemen which gave them their  much needed warmth and protection during the time when Jurassic Park was quite real.  

Though seemingly bulky at first glance, I swear, when you try on a pair of these funky shoes, you wouldn't want to take them off. Very comfortable with water proof insulated soles that utilizes cork technology: the insoles actually conform to the shape of your feet for maximum comfort. 

As in, they have this what you call a "break in" period: you have to wear your new pair at least 3x to have the insoles adjust accordingly and get the perfect fit. Ganyan, parang car lang? Sosyal! Haha! 

Don't worry though about looking outdated because they have come up with several styles fit for today's fashion scene. Nothing shabby. All chic. 

From slip ons which can give Toms Shoes a run for their money...

To boots which look and feel divine, specially when worn during the cold holidays...

you can be sure that OeTZI 3300 is one blast from the past which you wouldn't mind seeing more of in the future. :)

I know I wouldn't. 

These boxes tell you to read between the lines. :)

OeTZI 3300 is currently distributed at leading GBX stores nationwide.

For more details, check out their website at shop.oetzi3300.com.
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October 22, 2011

Just Because: The Adidas Mega SoftCell RH

Sometimes you just wake up having such tremendous amount of positive energy.

And today, is one of those days.

I woke up feeling very energetic and happy. 

Maybe because I got my full 8-hour sleep for a change.

Or perhaps due to the many good realizations I had in between.

Whatever the reason may be, it made me pull out a new pair in no time. 

My "just because".

My "just because"  pair goes well with my "just because" shirt. 

The Adidas Mega SoftCell RH.

"Just Because" actually means that during happy times, you just have to wear something new to match your mood. No special occasion needed. Just happy hormones. :)

Just looking at this dainty pair made me even happier.

Perfect for a casual look for the weekend, or as an alternate gym training pair (not advisable for distance running though).

And its blue shade is reminiscent of the sky high dreams I have --which hopefully I can fulfill soon.

My, my, such optimism here. :)

True to its namesake, quite soft and comfortable inside.

Mega. Haha!

So here's my chosen look this morning before heading to the gym to burn calories.:)

All Adidas. From head to toe. 

Just because.:)
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October 18, 2011

Attitude and Altitude: Anonimo Watches and the Adidas Jeremy Scott Panda

Nothing anonymous about this premiere watch line's grand launch.

You see I recently got invited to the launching of Anonimo, one of the finest watch brands in Italy.

The brand was conceived way back in 1997 by Federico Massacesi (who happens to be a former business partner of fashion powerhouse, Salvatore Ferragamo ---ergo, big time! Haha!). 

Interestingly, the name Anonimo, which means "anonymous" in Italian, was inspired by the perception of Massacesi, that it's not the designer which defines the brand, but rather the craftmanship. Very good insight if I may say. Clap. Clap. :) I can actually relate.:)

Each and every piece is reflective of the rich Florentine watch making tradition, from which the brand draws its roots. 

To date, the story lives on...in the Philippine shores.:)

After reading the invite time and again, my eyes narrowed down to the required attire: Stylish black or white.

For someone who lives and breathes color on a daily basis, I was stumped. 

This calls for an immediate solution: get a fabulous pair of walkers to kill the monotony of the color palette!

Good thing my favorite designer, Jeremy Scott came up with this fierce find.

A pair that exudes elegance and playfulness at the same time.

The Adidas Jeremy Scott Panda. 

No, they are not for toddlers and the like. 

Another funky pair that's furry all over!

Cute. Stylish. Overflowing with attitude. 

Quite pricey at P9,995. But hey, who could resist its charm? 

I couldn't. :)

Anyway, armed with my cute animal pair and my happy-go-lucky attitude, I marched towards the Anonimo Launch at the Powerplant Mall at Rockwell. 

My, My. All black and white. In fairness, class was written all over the place. 

I just love the minimalist set-up.

The displays were so elegant.

And the centerpieces were divine!!!! :)

Anyway, here's a glimpse of some of their watches on display. Really sophisticated looking.

With prices ranging from P105,000 - P400,000. Yup, that pricey. But hey, well worth it. 

Afterall, you're buying a piece of Italy and the heritage that goes with it. 

A bunch of intricately designed watches for the privileged few. 

After the launch, I just added an Anonimo watch in my wish list.


Oh, and here's a picture of me during the launch. Been complimented several times so I guess I managed to make a statement, much like the Anonimo watches on display. :)

Theme for the night: Attitude with Altitude.

To get the latest updates about Anonimo, please visit (and like, of course) its facebook page: Anonimo Philippines. :)
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October 14, 2011

Fashion Forward at the Feiyue Shoe Launch with the Adidas Questar

Nothing more exciting than having a new shoe brand in the market!

Last night was the grand launch of Feiyue (which means flying forward in Chinese), a European label that's gradually making waves here in Asia after setting up an office in Singapore last year. Thank God these pairs landed on our shores! 

Since being acquired by a group of French sneakers enthusiasts in 2006, Feiyue has undergone several make-overs which resulted to its modern, sleek and classy look today which makes it perfect for the fashion-forward market.

Price range is from P2,000 to P4,+++ --- not bad for a pair of casually chic sneakers!

A launch as fabulous as this deserves a look that's just at par.

An emergency! Haha!

Thank goodness, I already have a look in mind...and a pair of new walkers to match.

The Adidas Questar. 

Hip. Young. Bright. Chic. 

Funky and fabulous. With built in reflectors. 

It actually changes in color when its picture is taken. Turns to white. Promise.

Comes with 3 pairs of colored laces: blue, orange and yellow. All neon.

Aren't these the coolest soles you've ever laid eyes on?

Here's my chosen look for the event with my press kit. :) 

Anyway, here's a glimpse of what transpired last night during the launch at Opus Bar in Resorts World Manila:

As expected, there were shoes everywhere! This group of Feiyue waxy leather walkers caught my attention instantaneously.

I like the blue one from this A.S. series bunch. 

Hello, quite obviously, I'm digging the red-laced A.S. high. 

These vintage pairs were adorable as well. 

Don't you just find the design quirky?

Nothing ordinary about this Feiyue Lo Plain series number.

Interesting campaign indeed.

No wonder my smile was crooked. Haha!

Overall, I had a grand time. 

Can't wait to grab a pair.:) In fast-forward mode. Haha!

Feiyue shoes are now available at selected Shoe Salon outlets in the Metro.

For more details, please visit Feiyue's website at www.feiyue-shoes.com.

Like Feiyue Philippines at Facebook.:)

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