June 30, 2011

SHOEpper's Guide 6: Robinsons Mall Pampanga and NLEX Shell and Caltex Station

Of course by now you might have figured out that work wasn't my only reason for braving the weather in Pampanga last weekend.

You see, prior to my scheduled road trip, I my did research and found out that there were a couple of outlet stores in Robinsons Mall Pampanga and at the Shell and Caltex Gas station at the NLEX.

My, my...so rain or shine, I must go! Hahaha!

So off I drove to San Fernando Pampanga, where my on-ground activation at Fitness First SM Pampanga branch was scheduled. After I made sure that everything was set, I excitedly proceeded to cross the street where my target destination was.

Normally, I would cringe at the thought of walking through the muddy overpass in my new K-Bond green sneakers, but the thought of finding a haven of outlet stores was more than enough inspiration to keep me going. Hehe.

When I finally reached the famed Robinsons Mall, I was quite surprised: it looked nothing like its Manila-based counterpart. It looked more like Shoppesville in Greenhills. But with all the sale items around, I couldn't even bother to complain.

Everywhere I looked, there was an outlet store in sight.

Three for P1,000. Not bad. For women that is. Bad for me. Haha

Women need not look any further with out of this world discounts like these.

My girl friends will simply die when I tell them about this!

Goody! Finally something for me...at the corridors. Haha!

Another surplus shop. Worth checking out.

Brands oh brands. I loved their Lacoste and Armani items.

Even on my way up the escalator, all I saw was a bunch of sale items!

My favorite. 

Can i just get them all? Haha!

Ooh. I just can't have enough.

True to my words, after getting my fill of sale items, I excitedly asked my family to join me in yet another road trip. 

This time towards the outlet stores at the NLEX gas stations.

Quite convenient since we will be able to pass by them on our way home from Pampanga. 

First stop was at the Caltex Gas Station, a few kilometers away from San Fernando Pampanga. 

What a wonderful sight to behold.

Nike has very good selections. And discounts as well.

There's also Adidas of course.

The stocks here are outrageously discounted! I even saw some hard to find ones. :)

If you're into branded clothes and accessories, the store at my back is the one for you.

After the Caltex Mega Station, About 10 kilometers away is the Shell Station where another outlet store can be found:

Worth the drive, even if it's the lone outlet store there. 

Items go from P150 up. Super value for money indeed!

I guess you already have an idea now where to go when you head towards the North. 

The drive may be a bit long...but the best buys will be well worth it. 

Trust me.;) 

I need not explain why. Haha!

!-- nuffnang -->

June 27, 2011

Working on a weekend with K-Bond Green Sneakers

And suddenly a miracle just unfolded before my eyes.

The darn rain stopped! Hahaha!

For the last few days, I had to endure the mud, the water and the cold temperature brought about by Falcon, an Ondoy-wannabe which exited gracefully last sunday.

Boy, was I thankful.

Not only for the better weather, but for the fact that I had to drive all the way to SM Pampanga for work. An on-site brand activation at Fitness First Pampanga.

Yes. On a weekend. On a rainy weekend.

But God was good. He didn't let me suffer. Haha.

And that's enough reason to celebrate. :)

Seeing the golden sun peek from its slumber, I hurriedly changed my rainy day get-up into something that's more summer-inspired.

A pink checkered top from H & M for that laid back look. A pair of khaki shorts from Von Dutch.

And a pair of brand new sneakers:)

Hey, blame it on the bad weather that I got stuck at home for the last few days.

The sunny weather spelled out freedom within reach.

Reminded me of springtime.:)

And my new pair of K-bond green sneakers.

I got this pair from People are People at SM Cebu, during my recent trip.

On-sale at P 1,199...not bad indeed.

The denim skin makes it as casual as ever, while its green hue adds quirkiness that stands out.

Soft in-soles made this pair perfect for long drives, when you need to rest your tired feet every now and then.

Isn't it a ray of sunshine after the rain?

Err, more like a gamma ray since it's green. Haha!

You guessed it, I drove all the way to Pampanga with the greatest of ease. No hassles or worries.

Just pure bliss.

Here's a picture of me on-site beside our booth.

Fresh? Much like the K-Bond Green Sneakers. 

!-- nuffnang -->

June 22, 2011

Luxurious Must-Haves: U-Boat watches and the Adidas Porsche Design S

I remember the wise words of our tour guide, Joanna, in HK during one of our trips there.

"Buy something for yourself. Make yourself happy. You worked hard. You deserve it."

She was pertaining of course to shopping at the outlet stores she brought us to.

But then again, I loved what she said and thus, I have made it my mantra since then.

Work hard, buy more. Haha!

A lot of people are saying that I already own a lot of pairs of shoes.

But I believe that I can never have enough.

As I've said in my previous post, I will work hard for a pair shoes...

and more recently, even harder for a U-boat watch. :)

I got invited recently to view the latest collection of U-boat watches at its flagship store in Resorts World Manila.

When I was told about the store's location, I said to myself that this brand must be really high end.

And I wasn't wrong.

Prior to my scheduled visit, I did my own research by visiting U-boat's website: www.uboatwatch.it

Of course I needed to familiarize myself with the brand and arm myself with bits and pieces of information for more bibo mode. Haha!

I found out that it was created by Italo Fontana, an Italian who was inspired by the experiences of his grandfather, Ilvo Fontana, who used to design watches for the pilots of the Italian Navy.

At present, each and every U-boat watch carries its rich Italian history with its updated look, making it a timeless luxury for the privileged few.

So I'm one heck of a lucky guy, I told myself. Haha!

After doing my research, I quickly planned my outfit.

Another box. Another surprise. 

I opted for a Friday look with a twist: a checkered pink polo top,  gray pants and a pair of Adidas Porsche Design S.

Yup, I didn't have a hard time thinking about what to wear.

Maybe because I already knew what the brand was all about. All I needed was to come up with an ensemble that's just as classy.

The Adidas Porsche Design S was the best pick.

It boasts of a sleek design inspired by the luxury car bearing the same name.

Made of highly-durable leatherette that promises comfort at its finest.

A highly versatile pair that can go well with jeans as much as provide unparalleled elegance when paired with slacks.

And at P 4,695...it's one luxury that's really within reach.

The big day finally came and I headed off to Resorts World Manila for the store visit.

I was greeted by an elegant reception area and friendly staff members.

In fairness, VIP much. Haha!

I loved the modern minimalist interiors of the store. Sosyal.:)

And the watches....were to die for!

At present, U-boat carries the Classico Model and the Flight Deck Model in its flagship store.

The Classico model is the entry level. Elegantly basic. I love the fact that U-Boat watches have generally big faces. Helps me keep track of time easier, not to mention, makes the watch stand-out more. 

It looks good right? If I had the extra money to spare, I would have bought this on the spot. But I didn't have P 110,000 in my pocket so I gave it a pass. Haha! 

I loved this black flight deck model as well. Very sporty looking, perfect for those always on the go. Could use one. Must save. Haha!

U-Boat Watches have this unique lock that's both sophisticated and functional. I was quite amazed the first time I saw how it works. Haha! The dumb blonde strikes again. :)

U-boat also has the regular straps..some of which were made from rare elephant skin! Fierce! 

Oh, take a look at this limited edition.

What a beauty indeed! I was totally blown away when I saw it.

And when I heard how much it costs, I nearly fainted. Haha! 

Clue: Enough to pay the 30% downpayment of a brand new sedan. 


But for watch lovers. I know it's totally worth it.

If I could only afford to buy all these. Haha! 

Given that each watch has a two-year international warranty, I guess investing in one wouldn't hurt.

But if I do decide to get one, perhaps the Classico model would do. I really loved its citrus color. 

But I'll worry about that later. 

Once U-Boat gives me a VERY, VERY GOOD discount.:)

Watch out for U-Boat's Latest Collection this coming July 2011!

!-- nuffnang -->