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January 5, 2011

My Golly, My Giallo!

 My golly. I just realized how wonderful blogging can be.

Blogging allows me to share my sentiments. It allows me to rant or to rave.

Blogging also allows me to send hints to prospective gift givers about what I want.

Like how a pair of shoes can always make my day.

Something which an artist of mine didn't fail to notice.

Just yesterday, a few minutes before starting our brainstorming session for a pending project, my artist, Pat, approached me and gave me a box.

Apparently it was his Christmas present for me.

A box with Giallo printed on it. At first I thought it was an Italian brand, you know like gelatto etc.

"Sosyal."I told myself, but then my thoughts proved me wrong when I saw the made in Thailand print on the side of the box.

Still imported. Haha!

Aww sweet. Points for you Pat. Hehe.

I hurriedly opened the box to find a pair of red sneakers with orange laces.

Quirky, I told myself. AYLOVET!

I got the pair out immediately and tried them on to see if there's a fit.

If these were glass slippers, I'd be married now. Haha!

Yup, a perfect fit.
This pair actually reminds me of the United Colors of Benetton sneakers I had during my elementary days.

No fuss, no frills. Just a comfy pair for strolling.

I called out to my artist and gave him my sincerest thanks.I thanked him for the gift and for having taste. :)

It pays off to have someone within the company who shares my passion for shoes.

And someone who actually reads my blog. Haha! Gotcha Pat!

My golly ha! 

Interested in this pair? Check out


the geek said...

can i say aloud that i am envious? hahaha

nice pair.

Myke Celis said...

Haha. Thanks. Ill try to ask my staff where he got these.:)

Kaumba Mbewe said...

Where Can I Grab This pair???. Got a Pair just worn out. Please If anything

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