October 18, 2011

Attitude and Altitude: Anonimo Watches and the Adidas Jeremy Scott Panda

Nothing anonymous about this premiere watch line's grand launch.

You see I recently got invited to the launching of Anonimo, one of the finest watch brands in Italy.

The brand was conceived way back in 1997 by Federico Massacesi (who happens to be a former business partner of fashion powerhouse, Salvatore Ferragamo ---ergo, big time! Haha!). 

Interestingly, the name Anonimo, which means "anonymous" in Italian, was inspired by the perception of Massacesi, that it's not the designer which defines the brand, but rather the craftmanship. Very good insight if I may say. Clap. Clap. :) I can actually relate.:)

Each and every piece is reflective of the rich Florentine watch making tradition, from which the brand draws its roots. 

To date, the story lives on...in the Philippine shores.:)

After reading the invite time and again, my eyes narrowed down to the required attire: Stylish black or white.

For someone who lives and breathes color on a daily basis, I was stumped. 

This calls for an immediate solution: get a fabulous pair of walkers to kill the monotony of the color palette!

Good thing my favorite designer, Jeremy Scott came up with this fierce find.

A pair that exudes elegance and playfulness at the same time.

The Adidas Jeremy Scott Panda. 

No, they are not for toddlers and the like. 

Another funky pair that's furry all over!

Cute. Stylish. Overflowing with attitude. 

Quite pricey at P9,995. But hey, who could resist its charm? 

I couldn't. :)

Anyway, armed with my cute animal pair and my happy-go-lucky attitude, I marched towards the Anonimo Launch at the Powerplant Mall at Rockwell. 

My, My. All black and white. In fairness, class was written all over the place. 

I just love the minimalist set-up.

The displays were so elegant.

And the centerpieces were divine!!!! :)

Anyway, here's a glimpse of some of their watches on display. Really sophisticated looking.

With prices ranging from P105,000 - P400,000. Yup, that pricey. But hey, well worth it. 

Afterall, you're buying a piece of Italy and the heritage that goes with it. 

A bunch of intricately designed watches for the privileged few. 

After the launch, I just added an Anonimo watch in my wish list.


Oh, and here's a picture of me during the launch. Been complimented several times so I guess I managed to make a statement, much like the Anonimo watches on display. :)

Theme for the night: Attitude with Altitude.

To get the latest updates about Anonimo, please visit (and like, of course) its facebook page: Anonimo Philippines. :)

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