November 1, 2011

New Shoes on the Block: Ubiq Sneakers from Japan

It's finally here!

One of the biggest perks of being a regular customer in a shoe shop is that you get an advance peek at the latest brands in the market.

That's how I got to know about Ubiq, the latest brand to hit the Philippine shores.

Ubiq Sneakers originated from Tokyo, Japan. It has been one of the more popular shoe brands there since its conception in 2001.

Though the current styles available here in the local market have much resemblance to the street style line of Converse, what sets them apart is the technology behind the composition of each pair: highly durable insoles that conform to the shape of the feet that guarantee utmost comfort. 

Given that, with prices ranging from P6,000 and up, I guess it's worth every cent spent.

Though, I would have wanted these models for myself (sadly, they are not yet available here):

These slippers are really quirky! Imagining them with a sleek suit.

Being the toy lover that I am, I am all for this Batman-inspired pair.

Colors, oh colors. I love them all.

Reggae makes a comeback in this cool pair. 

Eye candies. I crave. 

Reminds me of ice cream. :)

And if circles are really lucky symbols, then I guess I'll hit a gold mine with this number.

Interested in this uniquely classic find? 

Visit any GBX outlet nationwide.:)

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