September 27, 2011

Christian Louboutin: The Next IT shoe designer

 I have always been a loyal fan of Jeremy Scott.

I just love everything that he creates: from the trendy tops... to watch out for....

and of course, his funky shoes. :)

Wearing any of his creations always gives me an orgasmic experience. And that is an understatement.

But a few minutes ago, while saving myself from intense boredom after getting stuck here at home with nothing to do, I stumbled upon yet another designer who made my heart skip a beat.

Introducing Christian Louboutin.

I chanced upon some of these pricey pairs while I was in Hong Kong (Lane Crawford is a must-visit store for all SHOEpaholics), totally clueless about who made them.

Overwhelmed by the price tags perhaps. Haha!

But come to think of it, they're probably worth it.

Check out these stand out pairs:

Could pass for an elegant christmas ornament. Loving this snake skin number. 

Rawr. Fierce is written all over this pair of leopard boots. 

This pair (Rollerboys), is definitely breathtaking. From a far, it looks like it was covered with real gems!

Attitude that matches the price's altitude.

I must save for one.

Sosyalan Na! :)
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Blazing in Style: The Nike Blazer

The strong winds, the heavy rains and the Christmas spirit in the air make me think of fur.

Who doesn't like the idea of having something soft and warm beside you on a cold, bed weather?

Err....I was pertaining to fur, FYI. Not that I'm contesting whatever else (or whoever else, for that matter) you have in mind.

                                                  It's a good thing I got this pair from Nike.

The Nike Blaze. 

Low cut with fur lining. 

Adds much to the comfort. 

In electric green shade with contrasting chocolate stripes for that trendy, Christmassy look.

Simply elegant. 

A stand-out on its own, specially when paired with a plain tee and jeans. 

Can work well with shorts too.

Here's a picture of me while having a quick break in between shopping sprees at the SM Prestige Lounge. 

Just FURfect.

The Nike Blazer. 

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September 25, 2011

Perfectly Purple Pair: K-Bond Sneakers

There are times when I fall in love with a particular pair that I just want to get several in different shades. 

This K-bond pair is not an exception.

If you checked my previous post, you may have seen a lime version of this dainty pair.

Fell in love with the light hue and the comfort it offers.

Oh, did I mention that purple is one of my favorite colors? 

Reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas treat: Putobumbong! Haha! 

I never came across with anything just as gorgeous and as affordable.

Kudos to the People are People team!

Here's a picture of me enjoying my Latte with Taro at Happy Lemon in Eastwood.  

Purple is definitely the new black. :)
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September 24, 2011

Season's Strollers: The Adidas Sheridan

'Tis the season to be jolly indeed.

After all, who doesn't like Christmas?

Apart from celebrating the birth of our dear Lord Jesus Christ, with all the glitzy decors, the happy carols and the glamorous styles fit for the season, one can't help but feel light and good all over.

My very reasons for loving Christmas to the nth level.

The Christmas equation: Season's style + Nice Shoes + Positive Disposition = Happy Christmas

Works for me. Especially now that my knitted clothes and turtle necks have found the perfect casual match in my latest find: the Adidas Sheridan.

Sharing the Christmas spirit in style was never this easy.

Casual, laid back, and quite comfortable.

The unique combination of chocolate, lime and plum reminds one of the many dishes in the Noche Buena table. Or the colorful decors in one's Christmas Tree. 

I actually bought this in Hong Kong early this year but I only wore it recently. 

I do believe in perfect timing. 

And the time is now. 

Paired with a striped knitted sweat shirt and slacks, the whole Christmas preppy look  is punctuated with the Adidas Sheridan. 

Such a joy to wear indeed! 
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September 18, 2011

A real star: The Adidas Gazelle 2 Star Wars

Truth be told: Science Fiction and I don't mix well together.

The last time we got along just fine was in grade school. E.T. was considered to be everyone's ideal bestfriend then. Haha!

That was it.

Several years later, after building affinity towards dumb blondes, mutants and vampires in between, I can't help but rekindle ties with my former interest.

Not that I'm going to catch any movie about alien abductions and the like any time soon.

I just, well, got something better for myself.

A Sci-Fi pair: The Adidas Gazelle 2 Star Wars!

The box alone is a sight to behold. 

Full of drama at P3,695. 

But hey, the moment you open the box, you'll find out there's so much more in store!

Trust me. Its beauty is simply out of this world.

Its neon-inspired look is definitely a force to reckon with, 

Its style and functionality are definitely heavenly.

A star in its own right...

which can wage war among SHOEpaholics like me. Haha! 

Oh, and it also comes with a tamer pair of black laces...just so not me. Haha!

Did I mention I got a matching jacket? Well, see for yourself.

Here's a picture of me before a photoshoot at Gold's Gym in Robinsons Galleria:

I think I just brought my style to a whole new level: sky high. 

With the Adidas Gazelle 2 Star Wars!
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September 12, 2011

Adidas KOTR 2011: Smooth strides with the Adidas CC Ride

My, my...time does fly quickly.

It's the time again for the most-awaited marathon of the year: the Adidas King of the Road 2011. 

For runners and wannabes like myself, this is the ultimate marathon to join.

The prestige...the excitement...the fabulous perks and everything else in between makes the Adidas King of the Road a yearly staple in the calendars of all running enthusiasts, professional and non-pro alike. 

Myself included. :)

And this year is no exception of course.

For as early as two weeks ago, I already got my running shoes to help me enjoy yet another 5km ride.

The Adidas CC Ride.

My most fashionable pair of running shoes to date (unless my dear Jeremy Scott would come up with another shocker).

Amidst the sea of blacks, blue and red is a most welcome ray of sunshine.

Sunny yellow it is!

A guaranteed stand-out in terms of looks, comfort and functionality.

Engineered for precision and flexibility. 

I know I'm in for a smooth ride...err, stride with the Adidas CC Ride. 

At P 5,495, it's definitely a worthwhile investment. Because it can double as a pair of weekend walkers.

Take it from a non-runner. Haha!

Here's a picture of me taking it for a test drive on a lazy sunday. Haha! 

I can't wait for the KOTR. 

I know I won't be named King any time soon...but I will definitely enjoy the ride.

My Adidas CC Ride that is. 
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