March 19, 2012

Fierce Fashion: Leopard Loafers from Mundo Shoes

I think I failed to mention in my previous post that as part of my Lenten sacrifice, I will not buy any pair of shoes until the Holy Week is over and done with and all the Easter Eggs have been found.

So the entire egg hunting inspired me....

What I did though, on one lazy saturday, I took out a new pair.

Well, just to make me feel better since I was already experiencing widrawal symptoms. Haha!

Check out this pair of Leopard Loafers from Mundo Shoes.

Eye-catching indeed. As fierce as its namesake. 

Doesn't bite though. Haha! If I may put it into context, I never did have any painful experience wearing it. Soft insoles. 

So here's my chosen look while torturing myself at the mall. haha! 

Another two weeks wouldn't hurt. 

I hope.

Geez. And the huge sale sign at the back didn't help. 

Lord help me. haha!

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March 16, 2012

Following my Faith: Adidas Fluid Trainer at the Monasterio De Tarlac

Contrary to popular belief, I am quite religious. 

I may not look nor dress the part, but I really am.

That is why when I got invited to go on a roadtrip to the Monasterio De Tarlac, I immediately agreed.

I heard so much about it. I mean Kris Aquino has been mentioning how magical the experience was when you visit the place and see the fragment of Jesus Christ's cross.

Imagine my excitement. :)

So I immediately brought out my new pair.

It's from Adidas: The Fluid Trainer.

In Gray and Lime Green. I just love the contrast.

Earthly hues perfect for the natural scenery that I will see during the long drive (around 4 hours from Manila).

And with its soft cushion and flexible soles, I don't have to worry about any pain nor swelling.:)

Plus I heard that the place allows one to commune with nature, over hills and through the greens, so better ready than sorry. :)

When I got there, I could barely speak.

It was so beautiful.

Atop the hill was a magnificent statue of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Brazil much!!!!

Everywhere I looked, it was calm and peaceful. 

Few visitors here and there. Chirping of the birds everywhere.

Indeed, it was a beautiful place of worship.

Got goosebumps when I went inside to venerate.

I even cried during the mass. The songs were really touching.

And the total experience....

was simply breathtaking.

It was a one-of-a-kind trip indeed. 

Minus the hassles or worries. 

With the Adidas Fluid Trainer.

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March 5, 2012

2012 Must-Haves: The Jeremy Scott Series

They're finally here!!!!

Definitely worth the wait!

I know I have been quite busy these past few weeks but I just had to blog about these must-haves!

The Jeremy Scott 2012 Series:)

Take a look at this JS Leopard. So fierce!!!! Killer looks matches its inspiration. And the tail is soooooo cute!!!!

This rugged JS Denim Wing is edgy in its own right. I wouldn't mind having it in my closet.:)

The JS Pony SLM Leather: Cowboy much! Kinda reminds me of Magnolia Chocolait though. haha! 

Hello star spangled banner meets the Flash: The JS wings 2.0 I Leather :)

The JS Streetball: A mixture of whatever was available. Quirky!!!!:) 

And the JS 2ne1: Korean Pop Superstar! 

Up to now, I still feel overly excited to have some of these pairs in my shoe closet.:)

Stay tuned for more updates.:)

These pairs from the Adidas Jeremy Scott 2012 series are available at the Originals Store in Trinoma and the Adidas Flagship store at Greenbelt 3.:)

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