August 31, 2011

Fit for my feet: Quirky Strollers from Thailand

The next pair I'm about to show you made my recent trip to the hot, noisy and overly crowded Jatujak Market in Thailand worthwhile.

Warning: Not for the faint hearted. 

Best when viewed after seeing Final Destination 5 (which happens to be one of my all-time favorite gory films). Please read the headline. Haha! 


Check out these weird "feet" shoes.

These are hand-painted. Quite realistic from afar, I tell you.

Funny how the shade matches my skin tone. Ghastly white. Haha!

Too early for Halloween indeed!

Nothing scary about the price though B205 (roughly around P 307). Unbelievable!

Oops, and the feel: almost like walking barefoot. Yup, quite comfortable. :)

See, quite fashionable when paired with a dressy top and jeans.:)

A FEETing Choice! Haha!

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August 30, 2011

Italian Vanity: Vans Couture Limontai

People change. :)

I was never a fan of Vans Shoes until I chanced upon this pair in Hong Kong (at Dahood in Mongkok where I got my DIY sandals).

Apparently, it was a limited edition: the Vans Couture Limontai.

Tri-color must-have sneakers inspired by Italian fashion.

Deep purple on one side (barely noticeable due to the limitations of my cam), lime green at the center and bright orange on the other side. Accented with chocolate brown. The color combination made me drool so I just had to buy it. 

As opposed to the ordinary pairs locally available, this one had soft shimmery insoles. High end comfort. 

At HKD 799 (around P4,474), it was a steal!

* Note: Its fabulous box was thrown away by my dear maid before I could even take its picture. Yes, brand new, thank you. Defensive! Haha!

Here's my chosen look on a smart casual tuesday:

I'm now officially a fan of Vans Couture!

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August 24, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Strollers: Toeot Sandals from Korea

This is one of my favorite stores in Mongkok, HongKong. 

It has a huge collection of hard to find shoes and sandals. 

I got intrigued by its latest offering:



Do-It-Yourself Sandals!

Being an advertising creative, I immediately fell in love with the mere thought that I will be able to create a pair of sandals to my own liking.

I immediately asked for a pair in my size and found out that these sandals originated from Korea.

They are called TOEOT Shoes. 

Apparently, these sandals are quite popular in Korea. 

Its versatility and funky colors made it an instant hit among kids and adults alike.

Inspired by K-Pop perhaps? Haha!

Anyway, going back to my story. I was quite surprised when the store staff gave me a very small box.

Wondering if the pair would fit in, my query was answered the moment I lifted the lid and saw the its rawest form.

Err. Ok. So this wouldn't be easy. 

But for a SHOEpaholic like me, I don't need metaphysics to figure this out.

Hmmm...there's the sole...

...a bunch of colorful straps...

And the insole padding (of which I forgot to take a picture of).

Mustering all my creative energy, I proceeded to put on the straps.

The shorter ones in front, the longer one at the back. 

Much like way back during my elementary years when us tall ones will be at the end of the line during flag ceremony. Haha!

I decided to give mine a basic look first. I know I could kris-cross the straps or do whatever I wish (check out the designs posted earlier), but I'll save that for next time. 

Then when done, insert the soft insole. 

Do the same thing with the other pair...and voila! A splendid pair of strollers!

This pair reminded me of the Infinite Dress shown at the Home Shopping TV Network a couple of years back.

I mentally calculated the different styles it can sport and came up with 10 unique looks. 

Not bad for HKD390 (roughly around P2,652)

Here's my chosen look with this pair:

Toeot sandals definitely top my current list! 

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August 23, 2011

2 Good 2 Be True: The Adidas Stan Smith 2 Strap

Sorry for the late post dear readers. Was away for a week. Birthday leave. Shopping in HK, Macau and Thailand.:)

Anyway, I said it before and I'll say it again: Hong Kong is one of my favorite shopping destinations.

With all the hard to find items made available here, both past and current, in the most affordable prices, it is definitely heaven for a SHOEpaholic like me.

My last visit never did disappoint me. :)

I'm all for striking hues, as you might have noticed. That is why I went for the Adidas Stan Smith 2 strap.

Easier to make a statement with a pair of eye catching shoes. More so if they sport a bright red-orange hue. hehe!

This pair instantaneously caught my attention.

Imagine how it stood out from a bunch of plain colored ones.

Almost blinding.

And the contrasting colors were definitely scene stealers!

And the pair came with additional aqua laces and straps.;) Oh goody!

Wasted no time upon seeing it on sale from HKD 599 to HKD 349 (roughly around P1,954.40)

I immediately wore it the next day I went shopping at the Cybergate Outlet Stores in Tung Chung.:)

Simply too good to be true. The Adidas Stan Smith 2 strap.

Note: This is just the first pair I bought. Meaning, there's a whole lot more in store for you guys in the next few weeks. My excess baggage can attest to that. Haha!

The SHOEpaholic is back with a vengeance.:) 

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August 13, 2011

My House Party with Kickers Howie

Of course as expected, I got a new pair for my birthday.
When I bought this one on sale a couple of days earlier, I considered the fact that I would be having a house party on my birthday celebration's first leg (I will be celebrating by batch e.g. family, friends, officemates etc.), so I had to choose a pair which was both comfortable, laid back and yet stylish.

The Kickers Howie exceeded all my expectations enough for it to be my chosen birthday pair.

I never thought any pair would rival TOMS Shoes in terms of comfort.

This pair has one of the softest insoles I must admit.

I also love its marble-inspired color.

Don't you think the green contrasting rope provides utmost cuteness? :)

Very laidback. Not intimidating. 

Just perfect for a house party.:)

Here's a picture of me while waiting for the guests to arrive:

I did have a happy house party:)

Thanks to my Kickers Howie.:)

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August 12, 2011

Pre-Birthday Reflections with the Kickers Hobson

I never expected to get overly anxious over yet another birthday celebration.

Maybe because it just struck me: I was turning 30 in a few hours.

And celebrating my big 3-0 is definitely making me nervous.

Not because I haven't had everything planned yet.

It's just that I think I have finally reached a point in my life where I have to create changes.

Changes for the better of course. I'm not getting any younger afterall.

So I decided to take the day off to reflect and just have ample "me" time.

Promise, it ain't easy turning 30.

To take my mind off a hundred and one things in my to-do list, I opted to go malling instead. On a week day. While answering my clients' emails and calls who were unsuspecting of my upcoming celebration (well upon reading this, I'm sure now they know), I tried enjoying myself while having lunch, coffee and watching a movie and ranting to my companion about aging in the process.

Someone once told me that all I needed was a new pair of shoes to make my day.

Taking that in consideration as one of the most brilliant pieces of advise given to me, I immediately
brought out a pair I bought a few days ago. On sale. :)

Buy one, Take one. This pair is actually a freebie.:)

It was a pair I was eyeing since late last year.

It's the Kickers Hobson.

A nifty looking top-sider which is christmas-inspired in color.

I love the way the bright red laces contrast with the soft pail tiffany blue body.

I never did have any problem with Kickers with regards to comfort so that fact was reinforced once more.

I wanted to save this pair for my birthday but my anxiety has granted me emergency use.

Pairing it with an aqua polo and striped shorts, I felt more relaxed knowing that it went well after getting compliments from those who have seen me.

Here's a picture of me while strolling (prior to ranting):

See, it wasn't that obvious that I was as restless as can be. Haha!

Good thing though that before the day ended, I managed to resolve all my worries.

Yup, there will be changes of course. 

But my love for shoes (and shopping) will remain the same.

Welcome to my heart Kickers Hobson. 

And now, I can also welcome my big 3-0 with open arms.;) 

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