March 24, 2011

Working for my Wish List: Adidas Inspired

One of my favorite websites to visit is

I love checking out the latest apparels, shoes and accessories from this brand that's really close to my heart.

As part of my usual daily routine, I would scan their website in search for pairs to include in my wish list.

Believe it or not, by doing such, I get motivated to work harder so I can afford to buy the pairs I want.

As shallow as it may seem, it works for me. Really.

While of course the cliche' notion will always apply e.g. me being inspired by my friends, family and loved ones and all those in need, shoes also do have the same effect on me.

Yup, will work hard for these pairs from Adidas. Apparently, they are already available in the local market so am keeping my fingers crossed that I may be able to get a hold of them soon.

In random order:

The Adidas Court Adapt Synthetic

Perfectly quirky. Reminds me of an updated (and in this case, far more fabulous) version of Crocs.

The Adidas Bluff Textile

Sleek and stylish. I love the contrasting colors. Being a lover of loafers and boat shoes, this pair is a must on my wish list.

The Adidas Stan Smith 80s Lux


The Adidas SML Concept

So Much Lovely, Perhaps?

And the Adidas Toe Touch Textile

This will definitely make  Rainbow Brite turn green with envy. Summer vibes written all over this pair!

I have yet to complete my new wish list since I have to rush to work in a few.

But admittedly, I am very inspired.

To work harder for any of these pairs from Adidas. :)
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March 21, 2011

Thinking about Tom's

I just finished sending my donation to the victims of the recent tragedy in Japan (via Globe sms, you might want to try it) when I decided to surf the net to keep myself abreast with the latest shoe trends.

By this time, you would already know how much I love slip ons: those cute little pairs of walkers which are very comfortable, almost like walking barefoot.  That is why I wasted no time in checking out the latest apple of my eye: Tom's.

I have heard alot about this brand since last year but I never did give it any attention when I first saw a pair at Robinsons Galleria. Maybe because the pair I saw was really plain (Tom's initial releases were classic in nature). But when I visited their store again early this year in Galleria and then in Boracay (available at the Nothing but H20), I was quite surprised with the new designs they had.

But apart from the fabulous designs, what I like about this brand is its CSR: with every pair you purchase, a pair of shoes is given to a child in need. And for someone who is into charity stuff and the like, that is a major plus factor. A pair costs around P 2, 400. Not bad.

So anyway, here are some included in my wish list:

Yup, I like all four. Hehe. 

They call this the Kenya Striped Botas. Would look great with a pair of khakis and a polo top. 

I love the color scheme of the Seaport Vegan. Rawr for the tropical vibe. 

This Tyler Ramsey's hand painted pair's quirkiness appeals to me. 

I love red. This would look ravishing with a pair of short shorts. Haha!

Hmmm. I have a lot more in my list but I'm heading to work in a few. Hopefully, by being productive this week, I can afford a new pair by the weekend. Haha! 

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March 17, 2011

Especially on Saturdays: Zara Espadrilles

I just love Saturdays.

The shows on TV. The great home-cooked meals. Time with friends and family.

And time to shop. Hehe.

Ok, I admit at times I do shop on weekdays most especially when I am stressed.

But based on actual experience, I am most likely to shop a week before or after the payday. And on a saturday.

Why you might ask?

Because it gives me the opportunity to review my purchase and still have enough time to have it changed before I wear it on Monday.

Not to mention that Sunday serves not only as my meditation day, but the day I get to review my battle plan for the coming week and how I can make up for the purchase I've made in terms of better output.

Anyway, last saturday, as part of my weekly detoxification, I went to Powerplant Mall instead, a most welcome diversion from my usual QC route.

Initially, it was the Rockwell Bazaar that led me to this mall which I seldom visit. But after spending less than 30 mins inside, I left without any purchase.

But determined as I was to engage in my much needed ---and  deserved--- retail therapy, I went inside the mall to check out what's new since my last around 6 months ago. Yup, that long.

Hmmm...the usual upscale stores, the fancy crowd and pricey stuff...Might as well check out my favorite stores, I said to myself.

I went to each and every store in my mental list of favorites.

I thought though that I would end up buying food to bring home to my mom since I wasn't able to find anything that I like.

Until I went inside Zara.

Zara is actually one of my favorite fashion brands. I like their tops and jeans the most. Classic designs made trendy. Perfect for my meetings and  night outs with friends.

But for the first time, that day, I fell in love with a pair of Zara shoes.

Espadrilles to be exact.

Since summer is just around the corner, I decided to check out a pair.

I haven't had any Zara pair before so I was quite excited to try them on.

I was quite surprised though that their sizes were bigger than usual: my usual 9.5 shrunk to a size 8. But who cares as long as they fit.:)

The blue stripes provided much contrast against the dirty white body canvass.

The red patch on the heel added a unique charm to this espadrille looker which can give most shoes a run for their money.

I love slip ons and this pair definitely increased my fondness for such with its soft cushioned base perfect for long walks inside...and outside the mall.

On sale at P 1,990. Original price was P2,495. For the very reason that I managed to close a new deal the previous week ----Not bad as a personal reward.

After purchasing my beloved pair, which happens to be the last on stock, my companion and I went to UCC to have coffee.

Excited as I was, I couldn't resist  trying on the pair right then and there!

So here is how I looked like then:

And I never did take off my new pair...until we got home.

What a wonderful saturday it was. Especially with a pair of Zara Espadrilles.
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March 9, 2011

Cocktails Couture: Adidas Resplit Mid

I was never into dressing up formally.

Way back when I was still working in multinational agencies, while everyone else was donned in tailored suits and fancy corporate outfits, I was in my usual colorful tops, blue jeans and sneakers.

I never did try to fit in.

To each his own.

Recently though, I had to adjust.

A few days before, I got an invitation from a beloved client.

It was for the grand launch of 2 Torre Lorenzo, a real estate development from Lapanday Properties located at the heart of Manila, right beside De La Salle Taft.

I had no choice, nor time to back out since a.) we did all the materials for the launch campaign b.) I was personally invited by my client who would kill me if I didn't attend c.) it was only a few days before the event and I was caught on the spot and d.) when all other reasons written here fail, revert to letter b.

With barely 3 days to spare before the event, I wasted no time. Fresh from my recent Boracay escapade where I have proven that SPF 110 could only do so much under the scorching heat of the mid day sun, I am left with nothing to wear for such grand occasion.

Think cocktails Myke. Think couture!, I silently pressured myself into coming up with the perfect solution to my problem.

For someone who only has the picture of fruit salad in his mind when cocktails are mentioned, this is going to be one challenging task.

Thanks to the ever reliable Mr. Google, I managed to scout for the right outfit.

Inspiration check.

Where to get everything. Err....pass.

Rushing to the mall right after that, I went to each and every store I saw in search of my elusive cocktail party wear.

Finally, I chanced upon one in Penshoppe.

Yup. Not your typical store for cocktail wear but believe me, I managed to snag a fashionable coat and carrot cut ribbed bottom jeans that will pass for balloon pants.

The whole universe aligned when I got both just in time: last stocks.

Happy with my purchase, I hurriedly went home to check on my ever-dependable shoe closet.

Nah. No leather shoes for me. Wouldn't work well with carrot cut jeans. Don't want to end up like the Joker. More so, Kuya Germs. Hehe.

Then suddenly it hit me.

Without another word, I rushed up to my room and grab one of the shoe boxes on the side of my bed.

It pays to be a hoarder at times, I said to myself.

I opened it to reveal the pair that would best fit my chosen ensemble.

The Adidas Resplit Mid.

I know that for those of you who know me well, it would strike you that the Adidas Resplit Mid isn't exactly my style.

I mean it's colored black and only has light clay-colored laces for accent.

It has a soft semi-furry like exterior and looks like a pair for skateboard enthusiasts.

But...I like it just the way it is.:)

And I'm glad that I liked it enough for me to buy it.:)

At 70% off, from P4,295 to P 1,288...who could resist?

I immediately had my dress rehearsal and boom!

Everything fit to a T.

I guess am ready for the great cocktail showdown.:)

And my thoughts proved me right when I got compliments left and right for my evening wear.

Here's how I looked during the grand launch last night.

Cheers to yet another successful launch...and to a most fashionable cocktail couture.

A toast to Adidas Resplit Mid!

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