October 1, 2011

Therapeutic Thongs: The Adidas Fluid Trainer Sandals

Adidas just came up with a pretty cool breaker from wearing shoes.

It's the first time actually came across one so I never did miss out on the chance to get myself a pair.

The Adidas Fluid Trainer Sandals.

I own a pair of fluid trainers (now that's a teaser) so I know how comfortable they are. Perfect for training at the gym.

Can definitely say the same thing for these Fluid Trainer Sandals.

Quite lightweight that it encourages fluidity in movement. Perfect for laidback days.

In a ravishing red shade that commands attention.

What's unique about it though is that it has reflexology points that help promote various benefits for the body.

Who ever thought a pair of thong sandals can bring in wellness? 

At 1,995...a must-have indeed. 

Here's a picture of me during one of my slow days: 

Let wellness flow in!

With the Adidas Fluid Trainer Sandals.

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