July 26, 2011

SHOEpper's Guide 7: Subic Free Port Outlet Stores

It was better than I expected.:)

From the hotel, 

to the surroundings, 

the restaurants

...and the outlet stores.

My trip to Subic was all worth it. 

I managed to squeeze in some ample time to check out these pleasant surprises during my business trip recently.

I knew that duty-free shopping was something not to miss here. 

But no one told me about the numerous outlet stores within the vicinity.

Not that I'm complaining.

In fact, these stores made my visit worth while. Haha!

I totally forgot about the three-hour long drive going to the Subic Free Port in Pampanga when I was greeted by this huge Nike Outlet Store at one of the gas stations.

It had one of the most extensive collections to date. I actually saw several items which I liked.

Check out this quirky orange number. It has my name written on it. Haha!

This black hi-cut had neon yellow specs on it. A sure stand-out even on broad day light.

Look at these walkers. Could use all three colors.:)

Just across the street and beside my ever beloved Starbucks is yet another outlet store which boasts of a huge Adidas line.

The whopping discounts were too much for me to take!

Eye candies for SHOEpaholics like me.:)

A few meters away at the Pure Gold Duty Free Shop, I saw these stores:

Good thing I didn't have my Mom with me. Haha!

You must not miss the last season's finds here.

There were just sales everywhere!

And the choices were simply divine!

Fierce finds.

There were also some neat shops inside the Royal Subic Duty-Free Hub, like Adidas, Lacoste and other foreign brands.

Despite the presence of all these stores, I decided to pass on these great deals, as part of my promise for the month of July.

Worry not though because in a week's time, the SHOEpaholic will be free to go on a shopping rampage once more. :)

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My Online Birthday WishList: Toms Edition

In a few weeks time, I will finally turn 30. On August 12 to be exact.

Not bad actually. (Hey, segue, check out this neat cake from Adidas. Would love to have one. Haha!)

Age was never an issue for me. As long as I look like a 24 year old, I'm good.

Ok, please bear with me. Birthday anxieties.

And it's not helping that I have made a promise to my two friends that I won't buy any pair of shoes for the whole month of July.

It's now the 20th. 11 days more to go.

But darn it, how can I not turn insane when I'm currently in Subic for work, where apparently, there are lots of outlet stores?!

How cruel can fate get?

How much more can a SHOEpaholic like me take? Seeing discounts  up to 70% off  left and right is driving me nuts!

So here I am now, retreating to my safety haven, at a nearby Starbucks branch.

Just to kill time before I start working, I decided to make my online wish list.

It was actually my friends' idea. They wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday.

Well, apart from a million dollars and a plane ticket to my choice destination, I would settle for any of these pairs from TOMS, if not all. Haha!

In no particular order (pageant much?!):

I have fallen in love with Toms since I got my first pair. Three pairs after, I can't seem to have enough. This rust hemp cordones would be a nice addition to my collection. I wonder what color its laces are. 

This green ewing is cool to the eyes. I would love to wear this on a hot sunny day.

I already saw this linen pinstripe cordones upclose, and my,my, it looks good with a pair of khaki shorts and plain top with its laid-back vibe. 

This is my wildcard pick, a new release: the burgundy houndstooth. Quirky. Reminds me of Christmas.

Anyway, these are just some of the pairs I want. But then again, I still have a couple of days left before I can finally shop again. Darn it. Haha.


* This entry was supposed to be posted last week during my stay in Subic. But due to technical difficulties, I wasn't able to upload it (darn browser wouldn't upload pics). At present, I am currently in class terrorizing my students with my midterm exam. Haha! 

Oh, and I'm a size 9 for the cordones and the slip ons from TOMS for those asking. *winks

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July 15, 2011

Cool with colors: The Adidas Stan Smith 80S M

Today marks my 15th day of coming out clean.

You see, after feeling guilty about maxing out my credit card on a shopping spree last month, I swore to my two friends that I won't buy any pair of shoes for the whole month of July.

This really feels like rehab for a SHOEpaholic like me!!!!

And admittedly, I feel like I'm experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. Haha!

If you've seen the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" ...then you can relate to how I feel right now.

Yup, that bad.

But I'm quite proud of myself for being able to last 15 days without breaking my promise.

If it's a consolation, my friends agreed to me having a grand shopping spree when I fly to Hong Kong next month to enjoy the grand sale, in celebration of my 30th birthday.

Ok, fair enough.:)

But for the meantime, I have to endure this.

It's a good thing though that shopping was the only thing banned this month.

So that means, I could still wear a new pair which I already have.

So to make myself happy, I have brought out one of my funkiest pairs to date.

It's the Adidas Stan Smith 80S M.

A brightly colored pair that resembles holographic walkers.

Promise, depending on its angle, the color combination changes.;)

The fusion of colors and its unique material makes it stand out in the crowd.

High cut and seemingly water-proof so it's perfect for the rainy days.

I love the way its black laces contrast with the brightly colored hues.

But of course, like any other pair from Adidas, comfort was never compromised.

And so does the quality that comes with the price: P 4,995.

Voila, I'm happy again.

Here's a picture of me celebrating at Yakimix for another deal closed.

Fifteen more days baby. 

And I'll be shopping like crazy. Haha.

But for the mean time, I'll enjoy my Adidas Stan Smith 80S M. 

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July 5, 2011

Style sets in: Toms Classic Sunset

Yesterday was one of those days.

I woke up at the wrong side of my bed.

Not good on a monday morning.

More so if it's a monday morning with 2 meetings, a couple of deadlines and a major pitch briefing for a campaign.

For a moment, I wanted to just stay in bed and let my bad mood pass.

Not a good idea. My clients will kill me.

The night before I had already planned what to wear.

Staring at my chosen ensemble, I felt numb.


I hurriedly rummaged through my closet.

Wearing something new on a bad hair day always works for me.

May it be a new top...or a new pair of shoes.

Or both. :)

So despite the fact that I had two meetings to attend to, I brought out my brand new Giordano shirt. Ahh, I feel much better already.

So imagine my feeling when I took out one of my coveted pairs to date: The Toms Classic Sunset.

I've been wanting to wear it for the longest time. 

And yesterday presented the best opportunity.

A life saver indeed.

It's beauty sent a ray of sunshine to my gloomy morning existence.

Its bold hues are fun and lively...my much needed inspiration for work. 

Of course I wouldn't worry about the comfort. It's given with any pair of Toms Shoes.

I got this pair from Adora in Greenbelt 5, and at P 2,790, it's all worth it.

Having a good day is a priceless experience. :)

Here I am at Starbucks Robinsons Galleria in between my meetings. 

See? Sunny, happy me. :)

Thanks to my Toms Classic Sunset.

I'm walking on sunshine. 

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