November 28, 2011

Tough Look: The Adidas Titan

Never miss an opportunity to wear a new pair. :)

That has been my mantra ever since.

So finally when my Tita Virgie told me that she'll treat us out to dinner at Yakimix, I wasted no time in getting yet another pair perfect for the occasion. 

Hmmm...dinner buffet...mall-based...on a we might take a stroll before and after having dinner...ergo, a laid back look with a pair of sturdy walkers is for me. 

So I ended up with the Adidas Titan.

It can't be sturdier than this. Inspired by the Bounce series, this also has built in springs in its sole, making it perfect for heavy duty running...or light cruising.

Made me look a few inches taller too. Goody.:)

The gold and black combination is reminiscent of its Greek (or is it Roman, my, my, whatever happened to my historical skills) inspiration. 

A Spartan in its own right. 

Always ready for battle. 

Here's a shot of me before I headed off to my own the buffet table at Yakimix. 

Yeah, my newly shaved head matches the pair's tough look.

It's a matter of packaging. 

And choosing the Adidas Titan. 

I just had to share this yummy shot. Haha! 

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November 22, 2011

Nomadic Neons: The Adidas Mega Softcell RL

A night out with friends is a most welcome diversion in a busy life of an advertising slave like myself.

So when I got invited by my friends to try out Mamou at Serendra (a posh restaurant that serves one of the best steaks I have ever tasted together with the creamiest mashed potato), I wasted no time in preparing for the said get together.

Grabbing this opportunity to look my best just to make myself feel a little bit better after working so hard these past few months (not complaining though---only means business is doing relatively well), I took out a new pair that will go well with my bright lime top and jeans.

I've always believed that colors can do wonders to one's tired soul, so I opted for a happy hue.

The Adidas Mega Softcell RL is all that is perky and lively. 

Its neon greenish-yellowish hue is a testament of the attitude it carries. 

Shines brightly even at night.

Like walking on sunshine. Haha!

True to its name sake, the soles are quite soft and comfortable.

Perfect to uplift one's spirit...

and one's fashion statement.

Here's my chosen look for the said night out. 

Di halata haggardness no? :)

Thanks to this nomadic neon pair. Till our next adventure.

The Adidas Mega Softcell RL.

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November 18, 2011

Share-a-Pair: A Pairfect Affair's Anniversary Treat

I hardly noticed it.

My God, it was as if I was just starting my shoe blog yesterday.

And boom, before I knew it, A Pairfect Affair turned 1...

Last November 5. 

Yeah, I know, better late than never.

I have been too caught up with work, school and other stresses in between that's why I wasn't able to create a post.

My apologies for focusing on trying to keep myself sane. Haha!

Not to mention that I wanted the anniversary entry to be a bit special. 

Of course a default entry may be about a pair of shoes that's simply to-die-for.

Or a sneak peak on a brand's fabulous new release.

But I felt that it wouldn't be enough.

Keeping this blog has blessed me in 101 ways --- from getting my own advertisers to meeting a lot of people, to simply enjoying what I love to do best: write and shop. :)

So I figured out that my anniversary entry should be all about sharing my blessings. :)

Thus, Share-a-Pair was born. 

I have been asked so many times by people to give them a couple of my hand-me-downs: pairs which I no longer wear for one reason or another. 

And with almost 200 pairs to date in my shoe closet (which needs to have an extension soon), I think sharing a few pairs wouldn't hurt. 

I immediately asked my Mom and favorite Tita Virgie whom I can give my chosen pairs to. 

The mere idea seemed to resonate clearly with them and without batting an eyelash, they told me to just give the pairs to some relatives in Baguio. Apparently, these cousins of mine don't have enough funds to get themselves a decent pair of shoes.

With my heart melted, I immediately scanned my shoe closet and came up with 5 pairs (two for each cousin, ideally, the last pair, up to them who gets it).

I had to stare at the pairs for adoption for quite some time. For a SHOEpaholic like me, admittedly, it was hard to let go at first. 

But knowing that I will be able to make others happy in the process, finally, I bid my goodbye whole heartedly. 

Here are the pairs which I gave out for adoption:

I got this pair from Vietnam two years ago. One of the most comfortable pair I had. 

Fred Perry. Yeah. 

I got this Creative Response a few years back, way before it hit the Philippine Shores. Time to retire though.:)

Wade has some quirky finds every now and then. This cobalt and copper pair is no exception. I had a hard time parting with this. 

Bench. With its recent appearance in America's Next Top Model Cycle 17, it made me think more about the brand. Perhaps a visit to a store can do me wonders soon. :) 

And so off we went to Baguio and met up with my cousins who were really grateful upon receiving the pairs. 

Their smiles were more than enough reason for me to continue what I have been doing for the longest time: blogging and sharing my blessings. 

I would like to thank all those who have been part of my blog's success: my readers, advertisers, my friends, family, loved ones and all those who have contributed to its growth for the past year.

More pairs to share.:)


* So if you know anyone who could use a pair or two, in my size, drop me a line. let's see what we can do.:)

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November 8, 2011

Oh Comfy: The OTZ 300 GMS Linen

It's been said time and again by several shoe brands which claim to provide utmost comfort.

But for a SHOEpaholic like me, I have always said that "To feel is to believe".

So when I came across this new brand in the market, I got intrigued and got myself a pair.

Oetzi 3300 shoes are inspired by the pairs worn by the cavemen in early days, given a modern, trendy twist. 

The OTZ 300 GMS Linen is just one of the many designs under its wing. 

It boasts of using the Cork Technology: a breakthrough, considering that it allows the insoles to conform perfectly to the shape of your well, err, soles. Haha!

Thus, you have to get a size that's smaller than the usual because it actually takes time (well, it has its own break in period--roughly, you have to wear it at least 2x) to get the perfect fit. 

Once the insoles have adjusted accordingly---voila! Comfort at its finest.

I chose this neutral shade so as to create an illusion of being barefoot. 

My ghastly white feet blends perfectly well with this pair from a distance. Haha! 

Oh goody, the box comes with a sticker. Nice branding strategy. Now I wonder where I can put it. Haha!

I know that I own several slip ons already, but admittedly, this pair stood out in terms of comfort.

The soft linen base only adds to the comfort it offers. Add on: can be packed in easily. Perfect for quick escapes and the like. 

Its classic look lends itself to almost all types of wardrobe. 

My recommendation though is to wear these with shorts for that laid-back vibe. Not to mention to give you an opportunity to show off your pair nicely. Haha! It also goes well with carrot pants.:)

Here's a picture of me dropping by my office before heading out on a weekend. 

At P2,600 a pair, the OTZ300 GMS Linen is probably one of the most affordably comfortable pair you can get. 

Try it. :)

Available at all GBX stores nationwide. :)
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November 4, 2011

SHOEpper's Guide 8: Steve Madden in Megamall

Madly in style. 

I chanced upon this store while searching for the perfect gift for a dear friend.

I think she mentioned this store before so I hurriedly checked it out.

I thought it was another chic store for women, but lo and behold, I saw a bunch of trendy pairs for hombres. haha!

The biggest come on: the 25% discount on each.:)

Reminds me of a varsitarian / college boy look which seems to be the inspiration of most of the pairs here.

Clean cut yet chic. Classy. Pwede. Haha! 

I was crushing on this pair big time. If it weren't for my promise (of not shopping for the whole month of November to be able to donate more to charity), I would have bought it instantly. 

This indigo one reminds me of the cool Christmas winds. And puto bumbong. Haha!

These dressy pairs are most welcome in my growing shoe collection. Love the leather. :)

Oh and they have bags for men! Goody!

Must return after my vow of celibacy (abstinence from shopping). Haha! 

Or I'll go mad just thinking about the pairs I've seen.

Oh Steve Madden. :)

Check out the Steve Madden store at the Atrium of SM Megamall.

For more details, please visit 

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November 2, 2011

SHOE Adventures Cycle 3: Adidas Fluid Trainer Light M at Agahan

A good breakfast can do wonders the whole day. 

I believe in the basic formula: Good food = Good mood. 

But there are times when I crave for Champorado during lunchtime. 

Or pancakes in the afternoon.

Even Tapsilog at night.

But it seems that they are no where to be found.

Simply because most breakfast sets are offered until 11am only.

But not anymore. :)

You see, I recently got invited to try out the newest all-day breakfast hub in town: Agahan.

Agahan, which means breakfast in Filipino, was inspired by the same notion I believed in: that a good morning lasts the whole day and beyond when started off with good food and good times. 

Located in the heart of Makati, at the busy street of Metropolitan Avenue, near the Sacred Heart Church, Agahan caters to the nearby commercial and residential areas.

Open from 7am to 10pm daily.

Going back to my story, the invitation came in timely since I woke up that morning craving 

So I hurriedly dressed up and to ensure that I start off the morning right, I took out a new pair.

I've been wanting to wear it for the longest time. 

The Adidas Fluid Trainer Light M.


I just love the way the bright yellow contrasts with the midnight blue shade.

Reminiscent of a bright morning emerging from dawn.

The hint of yellow which connotes happiness makes this sleek looking pair a joy to look at.

Perfect indeed to jumpstart the morning right. And bright. 

Thus, my perfect pair for this first visit.:)

Upon entering, I was greeted by the most colorful interiors I have ever seen.

I love its happy personality and the good vibes it carries with it.

Good morning talaga!

I couldn't resist so I hurriedly had my picture taken against the colorful backdrop. :)

I proceeded to check on the menu and ordered their best sellers.

Suddenly, a pleasant surprise came:

They actually offered dried fruits while waiting. :) Tasty.:)

It didn't take long before my cup of good old coffee arrived. :)

Followed shortly by my bacon, cheese and mushroom omelette with wheat toast. 

Hmmm. Loving every bite. Sumptous!

Here's the Corn Beef Rice. Inspired by the Yang Chow perhaps, only better.

I tried it and instantaneously it became a favorite. 

Last on my list was my actual craving: Champorado.

Apparently it was served with Tuyo.

So here I am trying my best to actually create Tuyo Flakes. Ang hirap ha!

And here's my final specialty. Haha. Not a food stylist here. Bear with me. 

But still, it was worth the wait.:) Cravings satisfied.

All good. All day. At Agahan.

All light. With the Adidas Fluid Trainer Light M. 

Agahan is located at 1012 Metropolitan Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City.

Visit Agahan's website at


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