December 31, 2011

My Way to Norway: Skono Shoes

Of course, as expected, when I got back from my Christmas vacation in Korea, people were asking me how many pairs I bought and what new brands I've discovered.

I guess it will be best if I introduce one of the brands I stumbled on during my shopping adventure at Myeong-dong.


Skono traces its roots in Norway, way back in 2002. 

Each pair carries with it a distinct Norwegian appeal  and trendy functionality.

From stylish slip ons to funky high cuts, Skono lives up to its tagline of being the "cool lifestyle updater".

I actually liked several pairs from its wide range of footwear. 

This furry winter boots is both classy and cute. 

Of course fire engine red high cuts always make my cut!

And this canvas stroller tops my wish list.:)

Missing out on these pairs is a definite No-No.

Yes to Skono! :)

For more information, please visit Skono's website at 

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December 30, 2011

A whole new shoe world: Mundo at The Ramp, Crossings Department Store

Happy holidays everyone! 

This means that we all have more time to enjoy, explore...and engage in retail therapy.

After my last post before heading off to Korea for Christmas, I have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding Mundo Shoes.

I actually stumbled upon this shoe brand while doing my last minute Christmas shopping (it pays off to go mall/store hopping like there's no tomorrow. Haha!).

I got immediately attracted to its avant garde designs. 

Very fashion forward if I may say. 

With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, Mundo shoes have instantaneously become a favorite of mine. 

Check out this quirky clear dress shoe. 

Snake skin seems in. 

The preppy vibes this shoe emits is simply divine.

Loving the colorful loafers.

A twin of the Jeremy Scott Tux Slip ons! 

Thank God I got a bunch of GCs to get myself several pairs.:) Worth every cent indeed.:) 

Mundo Shoes are available at The Ramp, Crossings Department Store in Trinoma and Shangrila. 

Explore a whole new shoe world now with Mundo.:)
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December 22, 2011

Casual Christmas with the Mundo Resort Shoes

Our annual Christmas Party is indeed much awaited. 

Not only because of the exchange gifts, the grand wish list and the fun games.

But also because it presents the perfect opportunity to show off our Christmas fashion finds. Haha!

Now thanks to my strategic thinking and strong friendship bonds, I managed to twist some elbows and get the gift I wanted (tip: attend as many Christmas parties as you can and request for the same gift to increase denomination amount ---applies to Gift certificates). 

Thus, I was able to get myself a new pair from Mundo. It's a brand exclusively available at Crossings Department Store (The Ramp).

With a huge ruffled top and carrot jeans as my fashion foundation for the said party, I saw the huge potential in this pair that offers much versatility.

Who says orange and Christmas don't mix well? 

Soft leather. Quirky straps. Comfortable insoles. 

Looks well with both jeans and shorts.

Loving the holes that provide breathers for my feet.

You can be assured though that despite its form, it won't fall off easily. 

Yup, tightly strapped. But not enough to strangle your feet.

Pak na pak with its tropical feel amidst the cold weather! 

Happy with my purchase, I went to our Christmas party armed and well prepared:

armed with a casual chic christmas get up and well prepared with my gifts, inspiring talk and song number to boot. Haha! 

Looking forward to the long holidays.

And more adventures with the Mundo Resort Shoes.
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December 19, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Shopping with the Nike Lunar Glide

 Of course, I can't waste any time.

So I immediately grabbed the opportunity to go out last weekend for my last minute Christmas shopping.

Perfect timing since it'll be the last day of the World Bazaar at the World Trade Center.

Being the seasoned shopper that I am, I know for a fact that prices go down---way down---during the closing day.

So I decided to go for it.

Braving the heavy traffic and the sudden rain pour seems to be a drastic task.

Not when you have the perfect pair by your side.

I wanted to go all out with color so I chose the Nike Lunar Glide.

Imagine the contrast between my bright ensemble and the gloomy weather outside.

Yup, just to make a statement.

But of course, I also considered my comfort. I'll be walking for hours, running around every now and then in search for the perfect gifts for my friends and loved ones.

The Nike Lunar Glide, with its soft insole and bendable footing allows me to "glide" effortlessly across sales and the like. Haha! 

Oh and the pair of hot pink laces is just the icing on the cake. 

Great buy on sale. One of my HK finds. 

So here's a picture of me before facing the sale-crazy mob inside. 

Now time to get really busy.

Ready to get nasty with the Nike Lunar Glide. 
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December 14, 2011

Christmas Choice: Otz1 Suede Chukka

I know. No excuse for being overly busy. Been out of the country for almost two weeks so I wasn't able to update my blog. 


But then again, I'm sure you'll like my homecoming entry. :) 

You see, despite my love for traveling (which nearly equates to my obsession for shopping), I've always believed that there's no place like home.

Most specially on Christmas.

Because Christmas = Birthday of Christ + Get togethers + happiness in the air + vacation + great shopping.

Of course the long lines at the counters nor the crazy mob couldn't stop me from getting my dose of retail therapy.

So I came prepared. :)

Check out these cool boots from OETZI 3300.

The Otz1 Suede-Chukka.

Suede material outside, cool waterproof material inside, perfect for the cold weather.

With cute tussles on the side.

The cork lite technology it possesses is a gift from the heavens above to SHOEpaholics like me. Haha!

Stylish. Fierce. 

Definitely a must have this Christmas. 

Oh, here's a picture of me before braving my way inside a Christmas bazaar at the world trade center. 

Loving my OTZ1-Suede Chukka. 

My choice. :)
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November 28, 2011

Tough Look: The Adidas Titan

Never miss an opportunity to wear a new pair. :)

That has been my mantra ever since.

So finally when my Tita Virgie told me that she'll treat us out to dinner at Yakimix, I wasted no time in getting yet another pair perfect for the occasion. 

Hmmm...dinner buffet...mall-based...on a we might take a stroll before and after having dinner...ergo, a laid back look with a pair of sturdy walkers is for me. 

So I ended up with the Adidas Titan.

It can't be sturdier than this. Inspired by the Bounce series, this also has built in springs in its sole, making it perfect for heavy duty running...or light cruising.

Made me look a few inches taller too. Goody.:)

The gold and black combination is reminiscent of its Greek (or is it Roman, my, my, whatever happened to my historical skills) inspiration. 

A Spartan in its own right. 

Always ready for battle. 

Here's a shot of me before I headed off to my own the buffet table at Yakimix. 

Yeah, my newly shaved head matches the pair's tough look.

It's a matter of packaging. 

And choosing the Adidas Titan. 

I just had to share this yummy shot. Haha! 

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