February 25, 2011

Getting a kick out of Kickers: Loving Lyle

Hmmm. I still remember when I first crossed paths with this brand way back in highschool.

I was then a junior at Angelicum school when I chanced upon a pair of bright blue Kickers while shopping for my prom shoes with my mom. 

The said pair was already pricey back then; if I remember it correctly, it costed around P 2,995 during that time (err... late 1990ish) but I managed to persuade my mom into getting me the blue, submarine inspired shoes (actually, I opted to get a cheaper pair for my prom shoes, afterall, it'll only be worn for a night.).

Years passed and still, my fondness for this brand never did falter. Time and again, I would visit the Kickers store to check out its latest releases and how each pair would fit me well.
A few weeks ago, during a sale at the Block at SM North, I chanced upon this dainty pair which I have been eyeing for the longest time. 

It was a pair of  fancy white dress shoes with cute tiffany blue laces. Yes, tiffany blue. For those unfamiliar, check the color palette online.  

I knew in my heart that I wanted it since I first laid my eyes on it a few months back. However, at P 3,995, i found the pair quite expensive. 

Ok, I love Kickers but it only ranks 5th on my favorite brands (subject to change without further notice, haha) so that's why I wasn't willing to spend much on a pair. Not to mention that during the time I saw it, I already finished hoarding several pairs from Adidas. Can't justify purchasing Lyle (the style name), so I had to let go.

Until a few weeks ago. 

Lyle went on sale. At nearly 60% off! 

Yup, got the pair for only P 1,670! Not bad.;)

Without hesitating, I grabbed the pair and asked for my size.

With my beloved fairy god mother on my side, the store had one last pair...of my size.

It was such a serendipitous moment!

I immediately fell in love with Lyle's edgy looks and cute accent laces.

The soft inside cushion provided utmost comfort, which makes it perfect with or without socks on.

Indeed, it was meant to be when the last pair slipped on perfectly.

Here's a picture of me wearing my beloved Lyle proudly.

Indeed, true love never dies. 

For years after, I still get a kick out of Kickers.  Most specially since I fell in love with Lyle. 

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February 16, 2011

On the wings of love: Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings


After my first failed attempt to buy a pair at the Adidas flagship store at  Greenbelt 3, I finally chanced upon my most coveted pair to date.

It was fate indeed. :)

I was just strolling at Trinoma, doing my usual rounds at my favorite stores when I saw the latest display at the Adidas Lifestyle Store.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw my long lost love: the Jeremy Scott Wings.

If you have been an avid follower of my blog, you would know by now how much I adore this designer.

Ok, I am practically obsessed with him....err, his creations I mean.

And the Wings pair tops my list.

Not wasting any time, I immediately grabbed the pair, rushed towards the sales lady and asked for a size 9.5.

Unmindful of the snicker of the sales person who saw my excitement as I practically gasped for air, I silently prayed that my size is still available.

"Dear Lord, the last time I went to Greenbelt 3, the pair I wanted was already out of stock 12 days after it was launched. Here I am again, at another store, with yet another pair. Please give me my size. I have been a very good boy lately and have been working like crazy so please give me this reward...I promise not to buy another pair for at least....hmmm...let me think about this first Lord. I'll get back to you. For the meantime, please give me this pair. Thy will be done. Thank you Lord. "

Minutes later, my prayer was answered.

The sales lady, now looking like an angel, approached me with a huge grin on her face.

"Sir, swerte niyo. Limited edition yan. 3 pairs per size lang. Nabili na yung isa..."

I barely heard her finish her statement as I was already singing praises to God.

"Lord, thanks a bunch. If only I could use this winged pair to fly towards you and give you a kiss, I would. But for the meantime, I hope this little prayer of thanks will be enough. "

I tried putting the pair on and it fit to a T.

Stylish. Comfortable. Hmmm...heaven.

"Sir, Glow in the dark po yan."


"Glow in the dark yan. Sa madilim umiilaw. "

Hello, I understand what you mean. Hindi ako tanga. I said to myself, trying my best to keep calm because God just granted my wish. Baka mawala pa. Haha.

"Oh really. Can I see?"

"Sure!" Hmm...confident.

Then she led me to a darker area in the store and lo and behold, the shoe started to glow!

Only then did I notice that the pair's color was somewhat like greenish white. I thought it was just the store's lighting that affected my vision. I guess not. It really did glow in the dark.

Wow Lord, you gave me an even better gift. I wanted one that has wings, you gave me a pair that has wings and glows. Ikaw na!  I silently prayed.

I didn't think twice paying for a P7,295 pair. Super nice buy. :)

I'm sure by now you are curious how it looks in the dark.

Well I took a picture and this is what came out. I just used my iphone so please bear with me about the quality. It looks brighter up close. or given if I had a better cam. :) I was told to put it under direct light before wearing it at night for a brighter glow. Hmm. Rechargeable shoes. Haha!

Can't wait to wear it on a night out.

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February 8, 2011

Time to SALEbrate: Cardams Waterproof Walkers

Finally, I have ample time to blog.

Yup, been really busy. And that is an understatement.

Add to the fact that it was only this morning that I was able to figure out how to transfer photos from my iphone to my mac. Hehe.

But then again, it feels really good to be back.

You see I took some time off from work last week to finally get my much-needed (and deserved) vacation.

Afterall, all work and no play makes me dull.

On second thought, all work and no SHOEpping kills me.

So before heading to my beach getaway, I decided to drop by SM North Edsa to do some last minute shopping for toiletries.

Earlier this year, I told myself that I won't be getting another pair of walkers until May since I bought several last month.

My mind was willing. But the flesh was weak.

From afar, I saw the huge "sale" sign outside the store.

Cardams. Hmmm.

Sale...hmmm. so what. I was about to move on when I saw a shiny gray pair.

It was made of shiny, waterproof material perfect for the sudden rains that frequent the metro.

The hi-cut design makes it a versatile pair perfect when wearing jeans or shorts.

Quite comfortable as well, despite the paper thin soles.

Like an eagle spotting a prey, I moved towards the pair.

Hmmm. Not bad.

I slowly removed my thumb to reveal the price tag.

I was stunned. I couldn't say a word.

From P 1,499, the price dropped to an amazingly low P 299!!!!!

Without batting an eyelash, I called on the sales clerk and asked for my size.

Voila. It was meant for me indeed as I saw my pedicured feet slip in perfectly. Hehe. Another Cinderella moment.

I held on to my treasured pair with dear life as i practically rushed to the counter.

I barely managed to hear what the poker faced cashier was saying. All I remembered was that I gave her the money and tapped impatiently as I waited for my change.

Finally, what seemed like hours, the lifeless cashier gave me my change and wrapped my purchase.

I gave her the sweetest smile while she gave me, well, a blank stare.

Who cares? I got the pair I wanted.

For so much less.

Now if only I could wear it to the beach.....haha.

Here's a picture of me when I wore it to work yesterday.

Cardams is located at the ground floor of SM North Edsa.

Still on sale as I write this. :)
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