May 30, 2011

SHOEpper's Guide 5: Nothing But H20

I think almost everyone has gotten crazy over Toms Shoes.

Perhaps because of the utmost comfort each pair offers. It's like walking barefoot...only made more stylish. Hehe.

Or maybe because of the cause it promotes. I mean, who would want to miss the opportunity to get a fab pair of walkers while helping others in need?

Whatever the reason may be, nowadays, everywhere I go, there's a person wearing a pair of Toms that's for sure.

Yup, nothing but Toms Shoes.

From Nothing But H20.

Nothing But H20 was initially known as a "Summer Shop", with its vast swimwear line.

But thanks to Toms Shoes, it has slowly gained prominence as a "go-to" haven for SHOEpaholics as well.

It has 6 branches to date, 4 in the Metro (Alabang, Trinoma, Glorietta and Robinsons Galleria) and two of which in the provinces,  in Boracay and Abreeza,  Davao respectively.

The one in Glorietta 3 offers the widest array of designs to date and it's a must-visit for all those Toms lovers out there.

Trust me, I found my most coveted pair there after 3 months of searching. :) Ok, so that's a teaser.

Each branch carries a unique line of Toms Shoes so canvassing is a must when in a look-out for a specific pair.

Nonetheless, each branch offers customer service at its finest, with the sales ladies transforming into instant fashion consultants in a jiffy.

Here are some of the pairs I fancied during my visit:

I loved all three cordones. The gray looks elegant. The splattered blue one is edginess redefined. And the charcoal one is the epitome of sleekness.

This Sunset model was definitely as breathtaking as its namesake. Promise.

Of course I wouldn't miss this chance to get myself a pair...

or two. :)

Hey, I'm helping kids here. :)

...And it's payday for God's sake. Hehe. :)

For more details about Nothing But H20, please do visit 

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May 26, 2011

Ranting on a rainy day: A SHOEpaholic's wish list

....little Myke wants to dress up for work and play. :(

But with this kind of weather complete with thunder and lighting and howling winds on the side, that is not possible.

It's difficult to be fashion forward when you dread the thought of getting drenched and oh-so-muddy.

My sentiments exactly.

So here I am forced to wear dark colored clothes and limit myself to a pair or two meant for the rainy season.

I guess summer is indeed over.

But then again, rather than to mope and sulk over this darn weather (while wishing I had the powers of Storm of the X-Men so I can just wave this gloominess away), I'll just focus on creating yet another wish list for myself.

While looking wet and wild only goes in fashion during summer, perhaps I can pull off a statement or two with these pairs perfect for the rainy season:

I already saw and tried on this pair of Adidas Flush Run Boots a couple of months back. Sadly though, they didn't have my size then. I bet others would turn green in envy when they see this show stopper. Quirky much!

The Tretorn Strala can pass for an everyday wear with its relaxed look. Being versatile in look makes it part of my must-have list.

It wouldn't hurt to bring attitude with its altitude. Haha! This high cut Bogs Mossy Oak Camo (such a long name!) is sure to make head turns. 

The silver lining on the dark gray clouds. I love this flashy number from Hunter. Makes me want to be a superhero...with the power to control the weather. *winks. Hehe!

I wish getting any of these pairs was as easy as searching for them online.

Oh well. 

A few more days of rain wouldn't hurt. 

Longer than that....I'll worry afterwards. Haha!

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May 25, 2011

House Party Hang Out with the Adidas Superskate Vulc

Last Sunday, I got invited to a house party of a friend.

It was the celebration of his 32nd birthday.

Quite surprised though that I was invited on such a short notice.

A day before to be exact.

So with only a few hours left to spare, and no gift on hand, the situation spells disaster.

What to wear, what to wear....I impatiently scanned my closet for the right answer.

Things to consider:

a.) It was a house party
b.) The heat outside was scourging hot!
c.) I absolutely had no plans of going until I got persuaded

After wracking my brains for the right answer and pulling out several prospects from my cabinet, I settled for a green pair of shorts and a plain white shirt. After all, technically, it's still summer.

Comfortable, yet stylish. Nothing flashy for a house party. Just perfect.

But what pair would I wear with my ensemble?

My eyes shifted to one of the boxes near my bed.

Lord, thank you for the gift of resourcefulness, I silently prayed.

I remember stumbling upon this pair when I was out shopping in Hong Kong a couple of months back:

The Adidas Superskate Vulc tickled my fancies the first time I laid eyes on it.

In neutral cream shade, it was the perfect everyday wear that emitted a laid-back vibe.

The comfortable leatherette in-sole was a big turn on for a shoe-lover like me who likes to take long walks towards sales and the like. Hehe. Goodbye paltos! Hehe!

The laces were also cute, much like those of your usual top sider. I like the way it looked on my canvas-inspired pair.

And of course, by now you may have seen the yellow tag, meaning I got this on sale. At HKD $ 200 (roughly P1,200), I just couldn't beg off. The icing on the cake: it was the last pair, my size. :)

I love it whenever I come across a serendipitous pair.:)

Loving my chosen look, I immediately proceeded to dress up and headed straight to Rockwell to do some last minute shopping for a birthday gift with my companion (who loved my get-up, if I may add).

Here's the picture he took while we were on prowl for the perfect rush gift. Hehe.

Fresh no? :)

After shopping, we proceeded immediately to the party (we were almost 4 hours late, hehe) and ate and chatted with the celebrant like there's no tomorrow. 

Glad to have pulled everything off with my Adidas Superskate Vulc.

What rush?! Hehe.
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May 21, 2011

Great Boracay Xperience with GBX

I had it all planned. Two months ago to be exact. 

It was actually an extension of my mother's day celebration for the two most important women in my life: my Mom and my favorite Tita Virgie.

The moment I got my voucher from Pearl of the Pacific Hotel in Station 1, Boracay, I booked everything on the same day. Accommodations, check. Transfers, check. Plane Tickets, check. 

All the while, I thought everything was ready. 

So I went on with my daily routine as an advertising junkie, while being a mentor on the side for my students in my advertising class. 

Due to the overwhelming work load and busy schedule, I totally almost forgot about this trip.

Until the day before. Haha.

I left work early that day with the promise of bringing my Ipad with me so I can work while enjoying myself at the beach. 

Upon reaching home, I immediately started packing, with hope that I will be able to sleep early and wake up on time to catch my morning flight.

Threw in a couple of shorts, tank tops and bottles of sunblock inside my day bag. 

I was about to get my favorite pair of slippers when I stumbled upon a pair which I haven't worn for ages.

My, my. I have beach shoes pala. Haha.

So I immediately got the pair from my beloved shoe closet and examined it carefully.

I remember getting this pair during a GBX warehouse sale at the Megatrade Hall in Megamall.

At P199 (original price was P 1,499) and being the last pair in my size, it was definitely meant to be part of my growing shoe closet at home. Hehe. 

Nice color. Would blend well with my outfit.

And its flexible soles and water-proof material makes it my perfect choice for this beach getaway.

After fitting it, I knew I was ready.

Bring on the sand, sea and sunburn! Hehe!

Here's a picture of me taken a few minutes after checking in at Pearl of the Pacific. 

We spent the rest of the day exploring the island, happy to see that my mom and Tita Virgie were having the time of their lives (first-timers sila so pagbigyan. hehe).

Here's a picture of my Mom and Tita in action. 

I even teased them about hoarding the souvenirs. I just have to laugh at the fact that we needed to buy yet another extra large bag for their purchases. 

Pasalubong much indeed!

After buying some souvenir items for my staff, I proceeded to check out the merchandise at Nothing But H20 at D' Mall.

As you know, Nothing but H20 is the exclusive distributor of Toms Shoes. 

Sadly though, they didn't have the style I wanted. 

Oh Chambrey Ash, where are thou? Hehe. 

Nonetheless, I had a Great Boracay Xperience.

With my pair of GBX beach walkers.

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May 16, 2011

SHOEpper's Guide 4: Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna

I've always believed in hitting two birds with one stone. 

You got it: I had it all planned. Thanks to my careful planning and extensive research. 

The roadtrip to Tagaytay was done for two reasons: a.) to celebrate mother's day and b.) to be able to check out the outlet stores in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. 

Earlier on, what I knew about Sta. Rosa Laguna was limited to the following facts: that it was where my grandmother lives and that it was home to several manufacturing plants e.g. Coke, Ford, Unilab etc.

But while researching on driving directions to Tagaytay (sue me), I stumbled upon an interesting keyword: outlet stores. Outlet stores in Paseo de Sta. Rosa to be exact.

My, my....doing the math means: Outlet Store = Sales + Purchase

Quickly I jotted down the directions and marked the key areas using the google map in my Ipad (I swear I will love Apple forever!). I found out that Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Greenfield City's main leisure capital,  was strategically located along the highway going to Tagaytay and was considered to be the next "it" destination of the south. So go na! Haha!

Finally, my much awaited day came and I excitedly told my Mom and Tita Virgie my plans. Instantaneously, their eyes lit up, much to my satisfaction.

It runs in the family. Haha!

So after spending a whole day in Tagaytay, eating bulalo while being tourist-like, off we went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

It was heaven indeed for SHOEpaholics like me. 

Who could have imagined having a haven of branded goods sold for so much less can be found in this rural area?

I quickly scanned the stores in sight. 

Ahh...Adidas. My favorite. I can smell the discounts from where I was standing. Haha!

The 30% -50% discounts were too much for me to take. 

Of course Nike was nearby with its huge shout out. SALE kung SALE!

True enough with discounts up to 40% off.

Bet you weren't expecting to find Benetton here. But lo and behold. 

Not bad at 20% - 30% off on selected items.

It was a pleasure indeed seeing Havaianas at 30% off. 

May not be shoes but having Sanuk onboard is a most welcome treat!

Since summer isn't over yet...never too late for Speedo.

And if the sales in the outlet stores weren't reason enough...perhaps getting a 50% off on my Starbucks frappe was icing on the cake (Paseo de Sta. Rosa is also home to several fastfood chains and restaurants like Jollibee, Red Ribbon, Kanin Club etc.)

We spent the rest of the day shopping to our hearts' content while enjoying each other's company.

Probably one of the best (and most productive, if I may add) Mother's Day celebration I ever had with my mother and favorite Tita.

So next time you're heading to Tagaytay (or even if you're not. Haha!) , don't forget to drop by at Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

It's worth the long drive. Trust me. Our shopping bags can tell. Haha!

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