October 11, 2011

Stylishly Spotted: The Adidas Nizza Hi Lux

I just love animals...

and animal prints. :) 

I got this pair from my friend, Jillian ---a gift she gave me for my 30th birthday (err...2 months back, only got to wear these fabulous shoes recently). 

I was quite touched that she went all the way to Adidas Trinoma and actually asked the staff which pair I was eyeing for the longest time.

Kudos to the Adidas Trinoma team for being most observant and being knowledgeable enough about my size and style. Haha! 

Take a look at this furry beauty: The Adidas Nizza Hi Lux.

The giraffe-inspired spots are totally cool!

Looks trendy when worn casually with shorts or jeans.Hey, it even works well with slacks!

Its unique texture (read: FUR!!!!!) makes it even more special. 

Oh, and the black garter straps help hide the laces when needed. They spare me from tying up those darn laces every now and then. 

Totally fierce. Rawr!

Here's my chosen look while enjoying my milk tea at Chatime in Robinsons Galleria. 

On a high with this luxuriously furry pair: the Adidas Hi Lux.

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