November 28, 2010

Shiny, Shimmering, Splendid

Shiny, shimmering, splendid.

The best way to describe my newest pair from Adidas: the Ambient CC Low.

I was actually busy shopping for christmas gifts when I chanced upon this sleek, silver pair.

I got immediately attracted to its shiny skin and great form.

Hmm....was it just another flashy casual walker?

Well according to the sales person, it was for casual training, ergo perfect for doing light workout in the gym or for moderate jogging.

Just perfect.

Now that I'm recuperating from a bad back and that I have just started to engage in running, this pair has definitely become my silver lining.

Just like before, I mentally computed the number of casual outfits and gym wear I can pair them with. Upon arriving at a favorable conclusion, I asked for my size and then looked at the tag price.

P3,995. Less 40%. Equals P 2,397. Equals Go!

Now what made it such a great buy apart from its attractive hue is its soft-cushioned base and its versatility. Imagine the convenience it offers: Me not having to bring yet another pair of gym shoes when working out. I can simply use the same pair I wear during casual strolls.

Oh, also add to the fact that this pair looks in tune with the holidays. You know, silver bells and the like are very much in fashion now that Christmas is just around the corner. Hehe.

I didn't want to waste time so I immediately wore this pair when I went malling and working out yesterday. Here's my picture taken at Fitness First Megamall. And no, that isn't my gym outfit. Haha!

After proving its versatility (from the long strolls while christmas shopping to engaging in my usual gym routine), my eyes indeed were opened to a whole new world.

And it was shiny, shimmering and splendid.

Only with the Adidas Ambient CC Low.

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November 24, 2010


I woke up this morning thinking about my pair of furry boots.

Perhaps it was an aftershock of the dream I had about a white puppy (which I'm hoping will mean I would have good luck soon, as per a dream interpretation website I frequent).

Or maybe perhaps it's the know, me wanting to relive winter in this tropical country.

Or maybe simply because I wanted to make a statement.

And so I did. :)

After carefully listening to the weather forecast, I immediately rushed up to my room and planned my outfit.

Hmm...I don't want to wear my knitted long sleeved top in the morning when the sun is up and scorching hot.

So i ditched my winter inspiration and focused on a broke-back mountain inspired ensemble.

Satisfied with my precious finds, I tried on the boots if they would match.

Bingo. A sunny cowboy reborn.

Anyway, I got this pair during my recent trip to Hong Kong. As mentioned before, I love shopping in HK and finding this pair made me even want to shop for more. I found these furry finds at Cotton On (in front of Langham Place) on sale at HKD 99 (roughly an amazing P600!). Who can ever resist? So I got three pairs: a black one, the beige one I wore today and an animal print. Yes, animal print. I have yet to determine what animal though. Haha!

What I like about it apart from its soft furry material and comfortable soles is the fact that it can transform itself from a full, no frills pair to a glamorous furry wonder in a jiffy.

To get a clearer illustration of what I mean, see pictures below:

As a no frills pair, which can be tucked inside loose jeans or slacks for discreetness, if needed.

As Santa's little helper that would go really well with skinny jeans.

And finally as a pair of statement shoes.

Choosing to go for the last style, I did manage to secure approval from those around me, while getting amused looks from other people who think I have gone way overboard. But hey, it's officially other countries that is. Hehe.

Who cares? I just wanted to make a statement. And I think I made a MAJOR one. Haha.

Mission accomplished. :)
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November 23, 2010

Copper Cruisers

All that glitters is not always might be copper. Hehe.

The said statement proved me right when i walked inside one of my favorite SHOEpping destination: Traffic at SM the Block.

I really had no plans of buying yet another pair then (well, ok, until I saw the one I liked) but everything changed when my peripheral vision caught sight of a glittery pair.

Perfectly positioned at the corner of the store where the lighting was at its finest, its shiny dark copper tone became a sight to behold.

I was instantaneously smitten. Once again, the SHOEpaholic was in love.

I hurriedly walked towards it, excited to get a feel of the actual material.

I wasn't disappointed. Good.

After going about my usual routine of asking for the size, walking and doing my double turn in front of the huge mirror and checking if the pair had any defects, I proceeded to check on the price tag.

Tan, tan, tan!

A whopping P3,299.

For a moment, I mentally calculated the number of looks I can sport with this pair and the number of weeks I would try not to spend again.


Odds were in my favor.

After handing my credit card to the cashier and signing the transaction slip, I went out of Traffic with the biggest smile on my face.

Seriously though, what I like about this pair apart from its striking dark copper shade and glittery texture (oh and the gold linings and the cute thin laces too) was its versatility and the comfort it provides. Kartel makes very good pairs and they are always worth every cent. I should know...I own several pairs and to date, I am still a huge fan, oftentimes waiting for the next style to be released.

Since I got it, I managed to pair it with slacks, jeans and even the shortest pair of shorts you can imagine. It was perfect for office, for dating and for doing grocery. It was perfect whenever I wanted to make a statement and or whenever I feel I wanted to go laidback for a day.

It was simply perfect for me.

Now here's a shot of me before I went to the bazaar last weekend. The lighting in my room did not give much justice to the glittery effect of its skin but at least I've shown you how it works well with my weekend look.

I'm definitely caught in copper. 

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November 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink

You can never go wrong with pink, a friend of mine once told me.

True if you have ghostly white feet like mine. Haha! Pink works well with my complexion.

Anyway, I saw its bright pink hue from a mile away, and like a hungry shark I made my way through the crowd and inside the Adidas Trinoma Lifestyle Store.

Seeing my apprehension, the sales lady approached me and reaffirmed my thoughts:

"Unisex Sir!"

Check. Next question was that if they had my size.

Almost clairvoyant, the sales lady said:

"We have all sizes available Sir!"

I didn't even have to open my mouth.

"I'm sure they'd fit you nicely!"

And true to her word, the shoes did fit to a T. Thanks my dear psychic sales lady. :)

The pair was really pretty. And quite affordable too at P2,495.

I've been rambling about its beauty without telling you what it was. Well, it's one of the latest slip ons from Adidas: the Toe Touch Canvas.

It's made of soft fabric and a very comfortable base that makes it perfect for long walks out of town  or short strolls at the mall. Its brightly colored body canvas is complimented with an outsole that's just as flambouyant. A scene stealer indeed!

It's available in different shades, but during that time, only the pink and the white ones were available. I chose to be fierce. Haha!

I brought along this fierceness when I recently went to Baguio for a vacation. A number of people took notice of my cute shoes, giving second glances with some even pointing at it and expressing their amusement.

Oh here I am at the Church of Our Lady of Manaoag. The pair of convertible jeans I was wearing was coincidentally also from Adidas for  its Diesel Line.

Why convertible? See next picture. 

But more than the aesthetics, what I liked about it was that it made walking much easier for me. Comfort at its finest. The Adidas Toe Touch Canvas is definitely more than just a summer shoe: its a pair which you can use all year round.

Comfortable and pretty. I guess my friend was right.

I never can go wrong with pink. Especially if its a pair of Adidas Toe Touch Canvas.
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November 12, 2010

Eye Candy

I still remember our first encounter vividly.

At a Nike store in Mongkok, Hong Kong. Around 11am. With several bags in tow, I saw a pair of eye candy shoes.

The rainbow hue captured my attention instantaneously.

Touching the unique combination of leather and fine fabric made me want it even more.

I was smitten.

Let me introduce my love:

One of the latest lifestyle shoes of Nike. Combination of leather, fabric and gamuza. 

The combination of the colors and the materials used make it highly versatile in terms of usage: from casual to semi formal. 

Here's a picture of me wearing the pair in my jeans and knitted top.  Works well in the cold weather with its comfortable material and mid cut style. I believe it's actually a winter pair...I just failed to ask for the model description since I was in a hurry to get it. Hehe. 
Quite pricey though at $HKD 899, I never did think thrice (ok I walked out the first time I saw it because it was really expensive, but I came back, took a look at it and then got it before i had to change my mind for the third time) since it's a limited edition. And ever since I got this pair, I've been getting a lot of compliments on how good it looks. Added bonus is that it's not even available here to date.:)
Such sweet experience wearing my eye candy. 

Now I was told that it would be a holiday on the 29th of November. 

And I did manage to close another deal yesterday. know what I mean. 

More eye candies to come.:) 

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November 10, 2010

Love at first sight (online edition)

...And suddenly my hand clicked on the google search button.

Lo and behold, i had to catch my breath when I saw the next images.

I think I'm in love.

The purple and yellow pair made my heart skip a beat.

This winged beauty made my heart soar.

And this soothing find made my heart dive great depths.

I love you Adidas Jeremy Scott Spring Collection 2010. 

I hope we can have a date soon. 

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Shoe Spotting: Christmas Edition

I still have self-control.

I think.

Well, I can still  muster all my courage and will power at times to resist the temptation of buying yet another pair of shoes.

But admittedly, I still can't stop looking at a dainty pair.

After seeing the price tags, I mentally compute the available balance in my credit card and just immediately put the flirty pairs on my wish list.

Just like what I did yesterday.

While waiting for the color coding window, I went to the shoe section of the SM department store in Megamall. I never thought they had so much to offer until yesterday...Oh, and I never thought they were just as pricey.

I managed to take pictures of the shoes which tickled my fancies before I tucked my hands inside my pockets to further resist the impulse of buying a pair or two.

Here they are (in random order):

I have always loved espadrilles. These cute striped ones from Kickers ( I love the one in the middle the most), stood out among rest with their colorful hues and the abaca-like (i don't know how to call it) fiber soles.  To the tune of P 2,995.

I found this graffiti slip ons from Diesel an eye catcher despite the usual B & W scheme. The caricatures made up for its color. It reminds me of the pair I wanted from Toms.  If i remember it right, this costs around P 3,+++.

Of course, being the practical buyer (yeah right), I also thought of getting a pair which I could use during my meetings with my clients. These pastel colored shoes from Sebago would go well with the rest of my wardrobe (after mentally mix and matching my possessions and computing the success rate).  Hmm...around P 4,5+++.

I was tempted to buy a pair, but good thing I managed to stop myself and wait until I close another deal with another client. 
I left with my head up high, feeling quite proud of myself that I didn't fall into yet another trap. 

Well, not yet. Hehe.

The shoes can wait...until Christmas. Hehe.

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November 9, 2010

SHOEpper's guide 1: Adidas Outlet Store in Taguig

Come on, sing with me!

"Ain't no mountain high enough...ain't no valley low enough...ain't no river wide keep me from getting to you babe!!!!"

This hit song serves as another inspiration of mine when braving the entire metro (and beyond), in search of the perfect pair of shoes (and pants, and shirts, and accessories and....the list goes on. I'm sure you get what I mean).

For a SHOEpaholic like me, no outlet store is too far from my QC home.

Even if this one is in Taguig. Yeah mountain too high. Hehe.

One of my favorite outlet stores is the Adidas Outlet Store at the Petron Gas Station in front of the Cypress Towers in Taguig. Quite near Market! Market! and just right after Mc Kinley Hills. Better if you drive though. Commuting can be such a hassle in that area. Well, unless you take a cab that is. :)

With a wide selection of goods from trendy shoes to apparels with unbelievably affordable prices, this has been my favorite bi-monthly destination (paydays...ok, sometimes, kill me.). The look and feel of the store is very much inviting: well-lit and with very helpful staff members. I also like the way the merchandises were arranged: far from the usual "warehouse-turned-ukay" look of other stores.

On the first floor are the performance apparels and shoes, while the lifestyle section can be found on the second floor. There's an Adidas brand for everyone here as the outlet store also has some kiddie shoes and apparel, apart from the usual men's and women's line. 

Discounts wise, the Adidas outlet store offers as much as 50% off on selected items. No need to wait for paydays to enjoy great sales like this. You can even find several pairs of the latest shoe models at so much less. 

The long drive will definitely be worth it. Imagine the savings you will get.:) Not to mention the hard to find stuff which can still be bought from there. 

Here's a preview of the stuff i bought last sunday. During the first hour....

And when I finally called it a day. :) 

Ok so what I got were 3 pairs of shoes (All Lifestyle Brands) and a couple of shirts (Fancy round necks). Ok, Plus a pair of bright lifestyle khakis and a pair of 3/4 lifestyle shorts. Promise. That's all. 

Wait, before you raise your eyebrows, I managed to close a one-year deal with a client so I was just rewarding myself. So I think that justifies everything. :)

Bear with me. Hehe.

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November 8, 2010

Weekend Warriors

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

And so the old saying goes.

Another mantra which i live by.

Applicable almost in everything I do...including SHOEpping on weekends (and sometimes on weekdays, LOL).

Yes. Before I engage in yet another retail battle, I carefully select my gear in order to win over the various challenges ahead: the long lines, fitting and bratty sales people. Oh, and not to mention the crazy mob of shoppers.

My SHOEpping (and shopping get-up) in general includes: comfortable clothes (e.g. not so tight fitting shirt or polo and a pair of shorts) and a pair of slip ons (my intro).

And now that i'm done with my preamble, I'd like to show you my favorite pair to date: my Lacoste canvas slip ons.

I got these beauties during one of my trips to Hong Kong (my favorite shopping destination because they have unique, hard to find pairs that SHOEpaholics would kill for!).

I was immediately smitten by the bright red and green hues so I couldn't really resist buying both (i actually wanted a white one but had none of my size during that time. Darn it.).

Well apart from its color, the Lacoste Canvas Slip Ons  were surprisingly comfortable...almost like walking barefoot. Its thin soles were quite flexible so they contour nicely to my feet's movement. I never had problems walking in them for long hours (believe me, shopping can be such a tedious task) nor when having to fit other pairs since they are quite easy to remove and put on (kaya nga slip on di ba?!).

These pairs are quite nice to have, most especially if you have long, thin feet like mine. Not suitable for those with fat feet since there would be awkward protrusions on the slip on's edges with its soft canvas material.

And one more thing: I think I got each pair for like P 1,800 from a Lacoste Outlet in HK...that's roughly P1,500 less than how much it costs here. Not bad really. Very nice investments.  Take note: AUTHENTIC. 

Here's a picture of me in my "battle gear"  before i went SHOEpping yesterday.

True enough, me and my weekend warriors have won yet another SHOEpping battle. Stay tuned.:)
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November 7, 2010

Red Racing

I was supposed to do a write up about my shoe closet and have its picture taken but since i'm going on a "SHOEpping" spree later (now that's a teaser), i decided toput it on hold.

So what i did was focus on my recently concluded participation in the HSBC 135 Marathon. Apart from the health benefits running offers, it's actually quite fulfilling whenever i participate in a marathon with a cause. This time around, the proceeds of this anniversary run (HSBC's 135th...woot!)will go to Hands on Manila Foundation. It will help finance the mentoring of less privileged children.

Anyway, when i first found out about this run, i got quite excited since the race singlet was designed by no other than THE Rajo Laurel (yep, yep, one of the institutions in the fashion industry to date). I fell in love with the mere thought of myself wearing a designer singlet. FYI: I call myself as a "glamour runner" : one who does not run to compete, but rather, just to, well, show face; in a gay man's lingo: "magmaganda". Thus, the designer singlet was a huge come on, not only for me, but for the thousands of others who registered. Oh, and the foundation was a close second. just kidding.

With barely a week to prepare, i scanned my ever dependable shoe closet for the perfect running shoes. Yeah, i know i own a lot of shoes but not all of them were for running, unless i would want to run in loafers or sneakers. The other running shoes i had were not kind enough to lend their colors. So with the perfect excuse (clap,clap), off i went to get myself a new pair that would go well withmy red and white designer singlet and my fire-engine-red-hot-oh-so-slutty running shorts.

And this was the beauty i came up with. It's from Adidas. It's called the Adidas Adizero. It's very lightweight and its shape contours to my neutral footing. It might be a surprise for many who know me why i chose black and red instead of a loud shade. Well first, the store had none for that style. Second, it would go well with my entire ensemble (red-white, F**k-me red, red-black:)). Third, it was (according to the sales people) the perfect running shoes with its
highly durable and flexible, lightweight material. Fourth, at P5,495, this branded pair of running shoes is quite a steal. I've seen other pairs cost as much as P9,000!

I finally got my pair and did my usual dress rehearsal and Bingo! There was a fit!

And so the race came and I got the usual compliments from people I know regarding on how color-coordinated i was and how i managed to snag yet another pair of shoes. Well...never underestimate the SHOEpaholic. Hehe.

I can never thank the sales person enough for leading me to this gem, which was so lightweight that i felt i was running on air. True enough, i beat my previous record by 8 minutes. Not bad. Good job Adidas Adizero! A PAIRfect affair begins anew!

I did manage to take some pictures (most of which in my facebook) so i can show off my marathon outfit. Feel free to browse.
Oh, and while i was waiting in line to get my loot bag from the sponsors, I did spot a pair which i immediately put on my want list. It was also from Adidas but i failed to get the model number. I was immediately smitten by its screaming neon color. Soon baby....soon. Hehe.

So that's it for now. I still need to get ready for my "SHOEpping" spree later.
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November 5, 2010

Confessions of a Shoepaholic

My name is Myke.

And I am definitely guilty.

Yes, I am a certified SHOEpaholic.

My heart races at the sight of a pair of gorgeous shoes.

Almost like love at first sight.

Actually even more than that.

More like an obsession.

I just can't seem to have enough.

Yes, I have a closet full of shoes already, from formal ones to avant garde. Some may not look like shoes at all.

But I love them.

To date, I have 72 pairs...and counting.

Oh and Yes, i can always find time to wear them all.

Well...I try to. Try being the operative word.

I just can't ever have enough shoes.

My mantra: If the shoe fits and it looks good...Go!

And now, after much prodding from friends, I'm opening my collection to the world.

My name is Myke.

Welcome to my world.

The world of a SHOEpaholic.

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