November 8, 2010

Weekend Warriors

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

And so the old saying goes.

Another mantra which i live by.

Applicable almost in everything I do...including SHOEpping on weekends (and sometimes on weekdays, LOL).

Yes. Before I engage in yet another retail battle, I carefully select my gear in order to win over the various challenges ahead: the long lines, fitting and bratty sales people. Oh, and not to mention the crazy mob of shoppers.

My SHOEpping (and shopping get-up) in general includes: comfortable clothes (e.g. not so tight fitting shirt or polo and a pair of shorts) and a pair of slip ons (my intro).

And now that i'm done with my preamble, I'd like to show you my favorite pair to date: my Lacoste canvas slip ons.

I got these beauties during one of my trips to Hong Kong (my favorite shopping destination because they have unique, hard to find pairs that SHOEpaholics would kill for!).

I was immediately smitten by the bright red and green hues so I couldn't really resist buying both (i actually wanted a white one but had none of my size during that time. Darn it.).

Well apart from its color, the Lacoste Canvas Slip Ons  were surprisingly comfortable...almost like walking barefoot. Its thin soles were quite flexible so they contour nicely to my feet's movement. I never had problems walking in them for long hours (believe me, shopping can be such a tedious task) nor when having to fit other pairs since they are quite easy to remove and put on (kaya nga slip on di ba?!).

These pairs are quite nice to have, most especially if you have long, thin feet like mine. Not suitable for those with fat feet since there would be awkward protrusions on the slip on's edges with its soft canvas material.

And one more thing: I think I got each pair for like P 1,800 from a Lacoste Outlet in HK...that's roughly P1,500 less than how much it costs here. Not bad really. Very nice investments.  Take note: AUTHENTIC. 

Here's a picture of me in my "battle gear"  before i went SHOEpping yesterday.

True enough, me and my weekend warriors have won yet another SHOEpping battle. Stay tuned.:)

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