November 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink

You can never go wrong with pink, a friend of mine once told me.

True if you have ghostly white feet like mine. Haha! Pink works well with my complexion.

Anyway, I saw its bright pink hue from a mile away, and like a hungry shark I made my way through the crowd and inside the Adidas Trinoma Lifestyle Store.

Seeing my apprehension, the sales lady approached me and reaffirmed my thoughts:

"Unisex Sir!"

Check. Next question was that if they had my size.

Almost clairvoyant, the sales lady said:

"We have all sizes available Sir!"

I didn't even have to open my mouth.

"I'm sure they'd fit you nicely!"

And true to her word, the shoes did fit to a T. Thanks my dear psychic sales lady. :)

The pair was really pretty. And quite affordable too at P2,495.

I've been rambling about its beauty without telling you what it was. Well, it's one of the latest slip ons from Adidas: the Toe Touch Canvas.

It's made of soft fabric and a very comfortable base that makes it perfect for long walks out of town  or short strolls at the mall. Its brightly colored body canvas is complimented with an outsole that's just as flambouyant. A scene stealer indeed!

It's available in different shades, but during that time, only the pink and the white ones were available. I chose to be fierce. Haha!

I brought along this fierceness when I recently went to Baguio for a vacation. A number of people took notice of my cute shoes, giving second glances with some even pointing at it and expressing their amusement.

Oh here I am at the Church of Our Lady of Manaoag. The pair of convertible jeans I was wearing was coincidentally also from Adidas for  its Diesel Line.

Why convertible? See next picture. 

But more than the aesthetics, what I liked about it was that it made walking much easier for me. Comfort at its finest. The Adidas Toe Touch Canvas is definitely more than just a summer shoe: its a pair which you can use all year round.

Comfortable and pretty. I guess my friend was right.

I never can go wrong with pink. Especially if its a pair of Adidas Toe Touch Canvas.

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those are cute! reminds me of toms.

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