November 23, 2010

Copper Cruisers

All that glitters is not always might be copper. Hehe.

The said statement proved me right when i walked inside one of my favorite SHOEpping destination: Traffic at SM the Block.

I really had no plans of buying yet another pair then (well, ok, until I saw the one I liked) but everything changed when my peripheral vision caught sight of a glittery pair.

Perfectly positioned at the corner of the store where the lighting was at its finest, its shiny dark copper tone became a sight to behold.

I was instantaneously smitten. Once again, the SHOEpaholic was in love.

I hurriedly walked towards it, excited to get a feel of the actual material.

I wasn't disappointed. Good.

After going about my usual routine of asking for the size, walking and doing my double turn in front of the huge mirror and checking if the pair had any defects, I proceeded to check on the price tag.

Tan, tan, tan!

A whopping P3,299.

For a moment, I mentally calculated the number of looks I can sport with this pair and the number of weeks I would try not to spend again.


Odds were in my favor.

After handing my credit card to the cashier and signing the transaction slip, I went out of Traffic with the biggest smile on my face.

Seriously though, what I like about this pair apart from its striking dark copper shade and glittery texture (oh and the gold linings and the cute thin laces too) was its versatility and the comfort it provides. Kartel makes very good pairs and they are always worth every cent. I should know...I own several pairs and to date, I am still a huge fan, oftentimes waiting for the next style to be released.

Since I got it, I managed to pair it with slacks, jeans and even the shortest pair of shorts you can imagine. It was perfect for office, for dating and for doing grocery. It was perfect whenever I wanted to make a statement and or whenever I feel I wanted to go laidback for a day.

It was simply perfect for me.

Now here's a shot of me before I went to the bazaar last weekend. The lighting in my room did not give much justice to the glittery effect of its skin but at least I've shown you how it works well with my weekend look.

I'm definitely caught in copper. 

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