November 12, 2010

Eye Candy

I still remember our first encounter vividly.

At a Nike store in Mongkok, Hong Kong. Around 11am. With several bags in tow, I saw a pair of eye candy shoes.

The rainbow hue captured my attention instantaneously.

Touching the unique combination of leather and fine fabric made me want it even more.

I was smitten.

Let me introduce my love:

One of the latest lifestyle shoes of Nike. Combination of leather, fabric and gamuza. 

The combination of the colors and the materials used make it highly versatile in terms of usage: from casual to semi formal. 

Here's a picture of me wearing the pair in my jeans and knitted top.  Works well in the cold weather with its comfortable material and mid cut style. I believe it's actually a winter pair...I just failed to ask for the model description since I was in a hurry to get it. Hehe. 
Quite pricey though at $HKD 899, I never did think thrice (ok I walked out the first time I saw it because it was really expensive, but I came back, took a look at it and then got it before i had to change my mind for the third time) since it's a limited edition. And ever since I got this pair, I've been getting a lot of compliments on how good it looks. Added bonus is that it's not even available here to date.:)
Such sweet experience wearing my eye candy. 

Now I was told that it would be a holiday on the 29th of November. 

And I did manage to close another deal yesterday. know what I mean. 

More eye candies to come.:) 

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