November 10, 2010

Shoe Spotting: Christmas Edition

I still have self-control.

I think.

Well, I can still  muster all my courage and will power at times to resist the temptation of buying yet another pair of shoes.

But admittedly, I still can't stop looking at a dainty pair.

After seeing the price tags, I mentally compute the available balance in my credit card and just immediately put the flirty pairs on my wish list.

Just like what I did yesterday.

While waiting for the color coding window, I went to the shoe section of the SM department store in Megamall. I never thought they had so much to offer until yesterday...Oh, and I never thought they were just as pricey.

I managed to take pictures of the shoes which tickled my fancies before I tucked my hands inside my pockets to further resist the impulse of buying a pair or two.

Here they are (in random order):

I have always loved espadrilles. These cute striped ones from Kickers ( I love the one in the middle the most), stood out among rest with their colorful hues and the abaca-like (i don't know how to call it) fiber soles.  To the tune of P 2,995.

I found this graffiti slip ons from Diesel an eye catcher despite the usual B & W scheme. The caricatures made up for its color. It reminds me of the pair I wanted from Toms.  If i remember it right, this costs around P 3,+++.

Of course, being the practical buyer (yeah right), I also thought of getting a pair which I could use during my meetings with my clients. These pastel colored shoes from Sebago would go well with the rest of my wardrobe (after mentally mix and matching my possessions and computing the success rate).  Hmm...around P 4,5+++.

I was tempted to buy a pair, but good thing I managed to stop myself and wait until I close another deal with another client. 
I left with my head up high, feeling quite proud of myself that I didn't fall into yet another trap. 

Well, not yet. Hehe.

The shoes can wait...until Christmas. Hehe.

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