November 24, 2010


I woke up this morning thinking about my pair of furry boots.

Perhaps it was an aftershock of the dream I had about a white puppy (which I'm hoping will mean I would have good luck soon, as per a dream interpretation website I frequent).

Or maybe perhaps it's the know, me wanting to relive winter in this tropical country.

Or maybe simply because I wanted to make a statement.

And so I did. :)

After carefully listening to the weather forecast, I immediately rushed up to my room and planned my outfit.

Hmm...I don't want to wear my knitted long sleeved top in the morning when the sun is up and scorching hot.

So i ditched my winter inspiration and focused on a broke-back mountain inspired ensemble.

Satisfied with my precious finds, I tried on the boots if they would match.

Bingo. A sunny cowboy reborn.

Anyway, I got this pair during my recent trip to Hong Kong. As mentioned before, I love shopping in HK and finding this pair made me even want to shop for more. I found these furry finds at Cotton On (in front of Langham Place) on sale at HKD 99 (roughly an amazing P600!). Who can ever resist? So I got three pairs: a black one, the beige one I wore today and an animal print. Yes, animal print. I have yet to determine what animal though. Haha!

What I like about it apart from its soft furry material and comfortable soles is the fact that it can transform itself from a full, no frills pair to a glamorous furry wonder in a jiffy.

To get a clearer illustration of what I mean, see pictures below:

As a no frills pair, which can be tucked inside loose jeans or slacks for discreetness, if needed.

As Santa's little helper that would go really well with skinny jeans.

And finally as a pair of statement shoes.

Choosing to go for the last style, I did manage to secure approval from those around me, while getting amused looks from other people who think I have gone way overboard. But hey, it's officially other countries that is. Hehe.

Who cares? I just wanted to make a statement. And I think I made a MAJOR one. Haha.

Mission accomplished. :)

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