November 7, 2010

Red Racing

I was supposed to do a write up about my shoe closet and have its picture taken but since i'm going on a "SHOEpping" spree later (now that's a teaser), i decided toput it on hold.

So what i did was focus on my recently concluded participation in the HSBC 135 Marathon. Apart from the health benefits running offers, it's actually quite fulfilling whenever i participate in a marathon with a cause. This time around, the proceeds of this anniversary run (HSBC's 135th...woot!)will go to Hands on Manila Foundation. It will help finance the mentoring of less privileged children.

Anyway, when i first found out about this run, i got quite excited since the race singlet was designed by no other than THE Rajo Laurel (yep, yep, one of the institutions in the fashion industry to date). I fell in love with the mere thought of myself wearing a designer singlet. FYI: I call myself as a "glamour runner" : one who does not run to compete, but rather, just to, well, show face; in a gay man's lingo: "magmaganda". Thus, the designer singlet was a huge come on, not only for me, but for the thousands of others who registered. Oh, and the foundation was a close second. just kidding.

With barely a week to prepare, i scanned my ever dependable shoe closet for the perfect running shoes. Yeah, i know i own a lot of shoes but not all of them were for running, unless i would want to run in loafers or sneakers. The other running shoes i had were not kind enough to lend their colors. So with the perfect excuse (clap,clap), off i went to get myself a new pair that would go well withmy red and white designer singlet and my fire-engine-red-hot-oh-so-slutty running shorts.

And this was the beauty i came up with. It's from Adidas. It's called the Adidas Adizero. It's very lightweight and its shape contours to my neutral footing. It might be a surprise for many who know me why i chose black and red instead of a loud shade. Well first, the store had none for that style. Second, it would go well with my entire ensemble (red-white, F**k-me red, red-black:)). Third, it was (according to the sales people) the perfect running shoes with its
highly durable and flexible, lightweight material. Fourth, at P5,495, this branded pair of running shoes is quite a steal. I've seen other pairs cost as much as P9,000!

I finally got my pair and did my usual dress rehearsal and Bingo! There was a fit!

And so the race came and I got the usual compliments from people I know regarding on how color-coordinated i was and how i managed to snag yet another pair of shoes. Well...never underestimate the SHOEpaholic. Hehe.

I can never thank the sales person enough for leading me to this gem, which was so lightweight that i felt i was running on air. True enough, i beat my previous record by 8 minutes. Not bad. Good job Adidas Adizero! A PAIRfect affair begins anew!

I did manage to take some pictures (most of which in my facebook) so i can show off my marathon outfit. Feel free to browse.
Oh, and while i was waiting in line to get my loot bag from the sponsors, I did spot a pair which i immediately put on my want list. It was also from Adidas but i failed to get the model number. I was immediately smitten by its screaming neon color. Soon baby....soon. Hehe.

So that's it for now. I still need to get ready for my "SHOEpping" spree later.

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