November 28, 2011

Tough Look: The Adidas Titan

Never miss an opportunity to wear a new pair. :)

That has been my mantra ever since.

So finally when my Tita Virgie told me that she'll treat us out to dinner at Yakimix, I wasted no time in getting yet another pair perfect for the occasion. 

Hmmm...dinner buffet...mall-based...on a we might take a stroll before and after having dinner...ergo, a laid back look with a pair of sturdy walkers is for me. 

So I ended up with the Adidas Titan.

It can't be sturdier than this. Inspired by the Bounce series, this also has built in springs in its sole, making it perfect for heavy duty running...or light cruising.

Made me look a few inches taller too. Goody.:)

The gold and black combination is reminiscent of its Greek (or is it Roman, my, my, whatever happened to my historical skills) inspiration. 

A Spartan in its own right. 

Always ready for battle. 

Here's a shot of me before I headed off to my own the buffet table at Yakimix. 

Yeah, my newly shaved head matches the pair's tough look.

It's a matter of packaging. 

And choosing the Adidas Titan. 

I just had to share this yummy shot. Haha! 

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