November 2, 2011

SHOE Adventures Cycle 3: Adidas Fluid Trainer Light M at Agahan

A good breakfast can do wonders the whole day. 

I believe in the basic formula: Good food = Good mood. 

But there are times when I crave for Champorado during lunchtime. 

Or pancakes in the afternoon.

Even Tapsilog at night.

But it seems that they are no where to be found.

Simply because most breakfast sets are offered until 11am only.

But not anymore. :)

You see, I recently got invited to try out the newest all-day breakfast hub in town: Agahan.

Agahan, which means breakfast in Filipino, was inspired by the same notion I believed in: that a good morning lasts the whole day and beyond when started off with good food and good times. 

Located in the heart of Makati, at the busy street of Metropolitan Avenue, near the Sacred Heart Church, Agahan caters to the nearby commercial and residential areas.

Open from 7am to 10pm daily.

Going back to my story, the invitation came in timely since I woke up that morning craving 

So I hurriedly dressed up and to ensure that I start off the morning right, I took out a new pair.

I've been wanting to wear it for the longest time. 

The Adidas Fluid Trainer Light M.


I just love the way the bright yellow contrasts with the midnight blue shade.

Reminiscent of a bright morning emerging from dawn.

The hint of yellow which connotes happiness makes this sleek looking pair a joy to look at.

Perfect indeed to jumpstart the morning right. And bright. 

Thus, my perfect pair for this first visit.:)

Upon entering, I was greeted by the most colorful interiors I have ever seen.

I love its happy personality and the good vibes it carries with it.

Good morning talaga!

I couldn't resist so I hurriedly had my picture taken against the colorful backdrop. :)

I proceeded to check on the menu and ordered their best sellers.

Suddenly, a pleasant surprise came:

They actually offered dried fruits while waiting. :) Tasty.:)

It didn't take long before my cup of good old coffee arrived. :)

Followed shortly by my bacon, cheese and mushroom omelette with wheat toast. 

Hmmm. Loving every bite. Sumptous!

Here's the Corn Beef Rice. Inspired by the Yang Chow perhaps, only better.

I tried it and instantaneously it became a favorite. 

Last on my list was my actual craving: Champorado.

Apparently it was served with Tuyo.

So here I am trying my best to actually create Tuyo Flakes. Ang hirap ha!

And here's my final specialty. Haha. Not a food stylist here. Bear with me. 

But still, it was worth the wait.:) Cravings satisfied.

All good. All day. At Agahan.

All light. With the Adidas Fluid Trainer Light M. 

Agahan is located at 1012 Metropolitan Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City.

Visit Agahan's website at


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