December 14, 2011

Christmas Choice: Otz1 Suede Chukka

I know. No excuse for being overly busy. Been out of the country for almost two weeks so I wasn't able to update my blog. 


But then again, I'm sure you'll like my homecoming entry. :) 

You see, despite my love for traveling (which nearly equates to my obsession for shopping), I've always believed that there's no place like home.

Most specially on Christmas.

Because Christmas = Birthday of Christ + Get togethers + happiness in the air + vacation + great shopping.

Of course the long lines at the counters nor the crazy mob couldn't stop me from getting my dose of retail therapy.

So I came prepared. :)

Check out these cool boots from OETZI 3300.

The Otz1 Suede-Chukka.

Suede material outside, cool waterproof material inside, perfect for the cold weather.

With cute tussles on the side.

The cork lite technology it possesses is a gift from the heavens above to SHOEpaholics like me. Haha!

Stylish. Fierce. 

Definitely a must have this Christmas. 

Oh, here's a picture of me before braving my way inside a Christmas bazaar at the world trade center. 

Loving my OTZ1-Suede Chukka. 

My choice. :)

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