November 8, 2011

Oh Comfy: The OTZ 300 GMS Linen

It's been said time and again by several shoe brands which claim to provide utmost comfort.

But for a SHOEpaholic like me, I have always said that "To feel is to believe".

So when I came across this new brand in the market, I got intrigued and got myself a pair.

Oetzi 3300 shoes are inspired by the pairs worn by the cavemen in early days, given a modern, trendy twist. 

The OTZ 300 GMS Linen is just one of the many designs under its wing. 

It boasts of using the Cork Technology: a breakthrough, considering that it allows the insoles to conform perfectly to the shape of your well, err, soles. Haha!

Thus, you have to get a size that's smaller than the usual because it actually takes time (well, it has its own break in period--roughly, you have to wear it at least 2x) to get the perfect fit. 

Once the insoles have adjusted accordingly---voila! Comfort at its finest.

I chose this neutral shade so as to create an illusion of being barefoot. 

My ghastly white feet blends perfectly well with this pair from a distance. Haha! 

Oh goody, the box comes with a sticker. Nice branding strategy. Now I wonder where I can put it. Haha!

I know that I own several slip ons already, but admittedly, this pair stood out in terms of comfort.

The soft linen base only adds to the comfort it offers. Add on: can be packed in easily. Perfect for quick escapes and the like. 

Its classic look lends itself to almost all types of wardrobe. 

My recommendation though is to wear these with shorts for that laid-back vibe. Not to mention to give you an opportunity to show off your pair nicely. Haha! It also goes well with carrot pants.:)

Here's a picture of me dropping by my office before heading out on a weekend. 

At P2,600 a pair, the OTZ300 GMS Linen is probably one of the most affordably comfortable pair you can get. 

Try it. :)

Available at all GBX stores nationwide. :)

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