November 18, 2011

Share-a-Pair: A Pairfect Affair's Anniversary Treat

I hardly noticed it.

My God, it was as if I was just starting my shoe blog yesterday.

And boom, before I knew it, A Pairfect Affair turned 1...

Last November 5. 

Yeah, I know, better late than never.

I have been too caught up with work, school and other stresses in between that's why I wasn't able to create a post.

My apologies for focusing on trying to keep myself sane. Haha!

Not to mention that I wanted the anniversary entry to be a bit special. 

Of course a default entry may be about a pair of shoes that's simply to-die-for.

Or a sneak peak on a brand's fabulous new release.

But I felt that it wouldn't be enough.

Keeping this blog has blessed me in 101 ways --- from getting my own advertisers to meeting a lot of people, to simply enjoying what I love to do best: write and shop. :)

So I figured out that my anniversary entry should be all about sharing my blessings. :)

Thus, Share-a-Pair was born. 

I have been asked so many times by people to give them a couple of my hand-me-downs: pairs which I no longer wear for one reason or another. 

And with almost 200 pairs to date in my shoe closet (which needs to have an extension soon), I think sharing a few pairs wouldn't hurt. 

I immediately asked my Mom and favorite Tita Virgie whom I can give my chosen pairs to. 

The mere idea seemed to resonate clearly with them and without batting an eyelash, they told me to just give the pairs to some relatives in Baguio. Apparently, these cousins of mine don't have enough funds to get themselves a decent pair of shoes.

With my heart melted, I immediately scanned my shoe closet and came up with 5 pairs (two for each cousin, ideally, the last pair, up to them who gets it).

I had to stare at the pairs for adoption for quite some time. For a SHOEpaholic like me, admittedly, it was hard to let go at first. 

But knowing that I will be able to make others happy in the process, finally, I bid my goodbye whole heartedly. 

Here are the pairs which I gave out for adoption:

I got this pair from Vietnam two years ago. One of the most comfortable pair I had. 

Fred Perry. Yeah. 

I got this Creative Response a few years back, way before it hit the Philippine Shores. Time to retire though.:)

Wade has some quirky finds every now and then. This cobalt and copper pair is no exception. I had a hard time parting with this. 

Bench. With its recent appearance in America's Next Top Model Cycle 17, it made me think more about the brand. Perhaps a visit to a store can do me wonders soon. :) 

And so off we went to Baguio and met up with my cousins who were really grateful upon receiving the pairs. 

Their smiles were more than enough reason for me to continue what I have been doing for the longest time: blogging and sharing my blessings. 

I would like to thank all those who have been part of my blog's success: my readers, advertisers, my friends, family, loved ones and all those who have contributed to its growth for the past year.

More pairs to share.:)


* So if you know anyone who could use a pair or two, in my size, drop me a line. let's see what we can do.:)

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