November 22, 2011

Nomadic Neons: The Adidas Mega Softcell RL

A night out with friends is a most welcome diversion in a busy life of an advertising slave like myself.

So when I got invited by my friends to try out Mamou at Serendra (a posh restaurant that serves one of the best steaks I have ever tasted together with the creamiest mashed potato), I wasted no time in preparing for the said get together.

Grabbing this opportunity to look my best just to make myself feel a little bit better after working so hard these past few months (not complaining though---only means business is doing relatively well), I took out a new pair that will go well with my bright lime top and jeans.

I've always believed that colors can do wonders to one's tired soul, so I opted for a happy hue.

The Adidas Mega Softcell RL is all that is perky and lively. 

Its neon greenish-yellowish hue is a testament of the attitude it carries. 

Shines brightly even at night.

Like walking on sunshine. Haha!

True to its name sake, the soles are quite soft and comfortable.

Perfect to uplift one's spirit...

and one's fashion statement.

Here's my chosen look for the said night out. 

Di halata haggardness no? :)

Thanks to this nomadic neon pair. Till our next adventure.

The Adidas Mega Softcell RL.

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