September 3, 2011

The Long Weekend Stroll with the Lacoste Cabestan Vulc

The heavy rains made me switch to plan B.

Originally, I was supposed to head up north to Baguio to spend my once-in-a-blue moon long weekend there.

But after seeing the flooded route and the number of casualties on TV brought about by the recent typhoon, I changed my mind.

So stuck in Manila, with no plans on a long weekend.

So what else can someone like me do?

SHOP by default. Haha! But since my mood was dampened with the sudden changes in plans, I tried to cheer myself up by wearing bright colored clothes... and a new pair of strollers.

One of the key pieces I bought from the Lacoste store at the Isquare Mall in Tsim Tsa Tsui.

You might say it's a bit tamer in terms of style and color.

Nonetheless, I fell in love with this neutral pair with fancy pink and blue touches.

Did you notice how thick the inside cushion is?

Very comfortable indeed. Padded shoes.:)

Just looking at it already made me feel better. 

And after remembering that I got it on sale at HKD 479 (roughly around P 2,682), my bad mood became non-existent instantaneously. 

Here's my long weekend look. 

The big smile on my face was due to the fact that I saw a similar pair, in cream shade at the Lacoste Store in P 5,995.:) Hehe.:)

The long weekend was not that bad.

Especially when spent with the Lacoste Cabestan Vulc :) 

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