September 27, 2011

Blazing in Style: The Nike Blazer

The strong winds, the heavy rains and the Christmas spirit in the air make me think of fur.

Who doesn't like the idea of having something soft and warm beside you on a cold, bed weather?

Err....I was pertaining to fur, FYI. Not that I'm contesting whatever else (or whoever else, for that matter) you have in mind.

                                                  It's a good thing I got this pair from Nike.

The Nike Blaze. 

Low cut with fur lining. 

Adds much to the comfort. 

In electric green shade with contrasting chocolate stripes for that trendy, Christmassy look.

Simply elegant. 

A stand-out on its own, specially when paired with a plain tee and jeans. 

Can work well with shorts too.

Here's a picture of me while having a quick break in between shopping sprees at the SM Prestige Lounge. 

Just FURfect.

The Nike Blazer. 

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