September 18, 2011

A real star: The Adidas Gazelle 2 Star Wars

Truth be told: Science Fiction and I don't mix well together.

The last time we got along just fine was in grade school. E.T. was considered to be everyone's ideal bestfriend then. Haha!

That was it.

Several years later, after building affinity towards dumb blondes, mutants and vampires in between, I can't help but rekindle ties with my former interest.

Not that I'm going to catch any movie about alien abductions and the like any time soon.

I just, well, got something better for myself.

A Sci-Fi pair: The Adidas Gazelle 2 Star Wars!

The box alone is a sight to behold. 

Full of drama at P3,695. 

But hey, the moment you open the box, you'll find out there's so much more in store!

Trust me. Its beauty is simply out of this world.

Its neon-inspired look is definitely a force to reckon with, 

Its style and functionality are definitely heavenly.

A star in its own right...

which can wage war among SHOEpaholics like me. Haha! 

Oh, and it also comes with a tamer pair of black laces...just so not me. Haha!

Did I mention I got a matching jacket? Well, see for yourself.

Here's a picture of me before a photoshoot at Gold's Gym in Robinsons Galleria:

I think I just brought my style to a whole new level: sky high. 

With the Adidas Gazelle 2 Star Wars!


jovel said...

I keep on reading your blog but have never left a comment before. SO entertaining! Thanks again myke -- for you know what! == Mae/ Rainne Rafols

Myke Celis said...

@ Mae: Hey, hey, hey! Follow my blog please.;) hehe! You're welcome.:) There's always next time.;) Hopefully soon.:) Regards.;)

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