September 12, 2011

Adidas KOTR 2011: Smooth strides with the Adidas CC Ride

My, my...time does fly quickly.

It's the time again for the most-awaited marathon of the year: the Adidas King of the Road 2011. 

For runners and wannabes like myself, this is the ultimate marathon to join.

The prestige...the excitement...the fabulous perks and everything else in between makes the Adidas King of the Road a yearly staple in the calendars of all running enthusiasts, professional and non-pro alike. 

Myself included. :)

And this year is no exception of course.

For as early as two weeks ago, I already got my running shoes to help me enjoy yet another 5km ride.

The Adidas CC Ride.

My most fashionable pair of running shoes to date (unless my dear Jeremy Scott would come up with another shocker).

Amidst the sea of blacks, blue and red is a most welcome ray of sunshine.

Sunny yellow it is!

A guaranteed stand-out in terms of looks, comfort and functionality.

Engineered for precision and flexibility. 

I know I'm in for a smooth ride...err, stride with the Adidas CC Ride. 

At P 5,495, it's definitely a worthwhile investment. Because it can double as a pair of weekend walkers.

Take it from a non-runner. Haha!

Here's a picture of me taking it for a test drive on a lazy sunday. Haha! 

I can't wait for the KOTR. 

I know I won't be named King any time soon...but I will definitely enjoy the ride.

My Adidas CC Ride that is. 

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