September 6, 2011

Fashionably Freaky: The Adidas Jeremy Scott Bones


Most dreaded by my students.

But it is something inevitable.

So might as well make the most of it.

Having to defend yourself against seasoned panelists from the advertising industry is not an easy task.

I have had students who experienced much nervousness, enough for them to turn ghostly white in the process.

Others couldn't stop shaking, as if each and every bone in their body was being tickled like crazy.

Ahh finals. Scary.

Hmmm. Might as well try lightening up the mood.

Inspired by the experience I've had during my younger years, I decided to give my usual wardrobe a twist.

Thanks to my all-time favorite designer, Jeremy Scott...

and my all-time favorite brand: Adidas.

For this fashionably freaky pair: The Adidas Jeremy Scott Bones.

It kinda reminded me of the Flintstones when I first saw it.

Overly cute and quirky at the same time!

Jeremy Scott has his way of mixing and matching several articles into one glamorous pair: this is another testament of his greatness (fan much?!) 

And yes, the bones are made of hard, shiny plastic. Hard to miss. 

It comes with another pair of white laces but am sure that the black ones provide greater contrast.

I got it from the Adidas Flagship store in Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok. The last pair. In my size. Serendipitous! Apparently, it got sold out in less than 2 weeks. All 20 pairs. :)

Oh, and the spots made me long even more for the Jeremy Scott Leopard pair. 

Scary. Fun. Perfect. 

Sagad to the bones ang ganda! Haha!

Here's my chosen look, taken while having dessert with friends at Burgos Circle, after the stressful panel defense. 

I wouldn't mind having to sport a boner anytime...the Adidas JS Bones to be precise. :)

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