September 24, 2011

Season's Strollers: The Adidas Sheridan

'Tis the season to be jolly indeed.

After all, who doesn't like Christmas?

Apart from celebrating the birth of our dear Lord Jesus Christ, with all the glitzy decors, the happy carols and the glamorous styles fit for the season, one can't help but feel light and good all over.

My very reasons for loving Christmas to the nth level.

The Christmas equation: Season's style + Nice Shoes + Positive Disposition = Happy Christmas

Works for me. Especially now that my knitted clothes and turtle necks have found the perfect casual match in my latest find: the Adidas Sheridan.

Sharing the Christmas spirit in style was never this easy.

Casual, laid back, and quite comfortable.

The unique combination of chocolate, lime and plum reminds one of the many dishes in the Noche Buena table. Or the colorful decors in one's Christmas Tree. 

I actually bought this in Hong Kong early this year but I only wore it recently. 

I do believe in perfect timing. 

And the time is now. 

Paired with a striped knitted sweat shirt and slacks, the whole Christmas preppy look  is punctuated with the Adidas Sheridan. 

Such a joy to wear indeed! 

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