May 30, 2011

SHOEpper's Guide 5: Nothing But H20

I think almost everyone has gotten crazy over Toms Shoes.

Perhaps because of the utmost comfort each pair offers. It's like walking barefoot...only made more stylish. Hehe.

Or maybe because of the cause it promotes. I mean, who would want to miss the opportunity to get a fab pair of walkers while helping others in need?

Whatever the reason may be, nowadays, everywhere I go, there's a person wearing a pair of Toms that's for sure.

Yup, nothing but Toms Shoes.

From Nothing But H20.

Nothing But H20 was initially known as a "Summer Shop", with its vast swimwear line.

But thanks to Toms Shoes, it has slowly gained prominence as a "go-to" haven for SHOEpaholics as well.

It has 6 branches to date, 4 in the Metro (Alabang, Trinoma, Glorietta and Robinsons Galleria) and two of which in the provinces,  in Boracay and Abreeza,  Davao respectively.

The one in Glorietta 3 offers the widest array of designs to date and it's a must-visit for all those Toms lovers out there.

Trust me, I found my most coveted pair there after 3 months of searching. :) Ok, so that's a teaser.

Each branch carries a unique line of Toms Shoes so canvassing is a must when in a look-out for a specific pair.

Nonetheless, each branch offers customer service at its finest, with the sales ladies transforming into instant fashion consultants in a jiffy.

Here are some of the pairs I fancied during my visit:

I loved all three cordones. The gray looks elegant. The splattered blue one is edginess redefined. And the charcoal one is the epitome of sleekness.

This Sunset model was definitely as breathtaking as its namesake. Promise.

Of course I wouldn't miss this chance to get myself a pair...

or two. :)

Hey, I'm helping kids here. :)

...And it's payday for God's sake. Hehe. :)

For more details about Nothing But H20, please do visit 


ryan said...

i wonder when i could take a hold of that shoe with a nice brand... very tempting...

uhooi said...

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Myke Celis said...

@ ryan: i'm sure you'll get one soon:) worth it;)

@uhooi:) thanks for the compliment:) please do follow my blog via gmail, yahoo and twitter:) don't go privatemk? Would love to have you onboard:)

Bboy Capa said...

That sunset model is awesome. I'm split between the Adidas Toe Touch and this.

Myke Celis said...

@ Bboy: Get both! Hahaha! Check out my latest post. Say, are you on private mode? Can't seem to locate your profile. Show yourself and be recognized. Haha! Thanks.:)

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