May 26, 2011

Ranting on a rainy day: A SHOEpaholic's wish list

....little Myke wants to dress up for work and play. :(

But with this kind of weather complete with thunder and lighting and howling winds on the side, that is not possible.

It's difficult to be fashion forward when you dread the thought of getting drenched and oh-so-muddy.

My sentiments exactly.

So here I am forced to wear dark colored clothes and limit myself to a pair or two meant for the rainy season.

I guess summer is indeed over.

But then again, rather than to mope and sulk over this darn weather (while wishing I had the powers of Storm of the X-Men so I can just wave this gloominess away), I'll just focus on creating yet another wish list for myself.

While looking wet and wild only goes in fashion during summer, perhaps I can pull off a statement or two with these pairs perfect for the rainy season:

I already saw and tried on this pair of Adidas Flush Run Boots a couple of months back. Sadly though, they didn't have my size then. I bet others would turn green in envy when they see this show stopper. Quirky much!

The Tretorn Strala can pass for an everyday wear with its relaxed look. Being versatile in look makes it part of my must-have list.

It wouldn't hurt to bring attitude with its altitude. Haha! This high cut Bogs Mossy Oak Camo (such a long name!) is sure to make head turns. 

The silver lining on the dark gray clouds. I love this flashy number from Hunter. Makes me want to be a superhero...with the power to control the weather. *winks. Hehe!

I wish getting any of these pairs was as easy as searching for them online.

Oh well. 

A few more days of rain wouldn't hurt. 

Longer than that....I'll worry afterwards. Haha!

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