May 21, 2011

Great Boracay Xperience with GBX

I had it all planned. Two months ago to be exact. 

It was actually an extension of my mother's day celebration for the two most important women in my life: my Mom and my favorite Tita Virgie.

The moment I got my voucher from Pearl of the Pacific Hotel in Station 1, Boracay, I booked everything on the same day. Accommodations, check. Transfers, check. Plane Tickets, check. 

All the while, I thought everything was ready. 

So I went on with my daily routine as an advertising junkie, while being a mentor on the side for my students in my advertising class. 

Due to the overwhelming work load and busy schedule, I totally almost forgot about this trip.

Until the day before. Haha.

I left work early that day with the promise of bringing my Ipad with me so I can work while enjoying myself at the beach. 

Upon reaching home, I immediately started packing, with hope that I will be able to sleep early and wake up on time to catch my morning flight.

Threw in a couple of shorts, tank tops and bottles of sunblock inside my day bag. 

I was about to get my favorite pair of slippers when I stumbled upon a pair which I haven't worn for ages.

My, my. I have beach shoes pala. Haha.

So I immediately got the pair from my beloved shoe closet and examined it carefully.

I remember getting this pair during a GBX warehouse sale at the Megatrade Hall in Megamall.

At P199 (original price was P 1,499) and being the last pair in my size, it was definitely meant to be part of my growing shoe closet at home. Hehe. 

Nice color. Would blend well with my outfit.

And its flexible soles and water-proof material makes it my perfect choice for this beach getaway.

After fitting it, I knew I was ready.

Bring on the sand, sea and sunburn! Hehe!

Here's a picture of me taken a few minutes after checking in at Pearl of the Pacific. 

We spent the rest of the day exploring the island, happy to see that my mom and Tita Virgie were having the time of their lives (first-timers sila so pagbigyan. hehe).

Here's a picture of my Mom and Tita in action. 

I even teased them about hoarding the souvenirs. I just have to laugh at the fact that we needed to buy yet another extra large bag for their purchases. 

Pasalubong much indeed!

After buying some souvenir items for my staff, I proceeded to check out the merchandise at Nothing But H20 at D' Mall.

As you know, Nothing but H20 is the exclusive distributor of Toms Shoes. 

Sadly though, they didn't have the style I wanted. 

Oh Chambrey Ash, where are thou? Hehe. 

Nonetheless, I had a Great Boracay Xperience.

With my pair of GBX beach walkers.

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