May 25, 2011

House Party Hang Out with the Adidas Superskate Vulc

Last Sunday, I got invited to a house party of a friend.

It was the celebration of his 32nd birthday.

Quite surprised though that I was invited on such a short notice.

A day before to be exact.

So with only a few hours left to spare, and no gift on hand, the situation spells disaster.

What to wear, what to wear....I impatiently scanned my closet for the right answer.

Things to consider:

a.) It was a house party
b.) The heat outside was scourging hot!
c.) I absolutely had no plans of going until I got persuaded

After wracking my brains for the right answer and pulling out several prospects from my cabinet, I settled for a green pair of shorts and a plain white shirt. After all, technically, it's still summer.

Comfortable, yet stylish. Nothing flashy for a house party. Just perfect.

But what pair would I wear with my ensemble?

My eyes shifted to one of the boxes near my bed.

Lord, thank you for the gift of resourcefulness, I silently prayed.

I remember stumbling upon this pair when I was out shopping in Hong Kong a couple of months back:

The Adidas Superskate Vulc tickled my fancies the first time I laid eyes on it.

In neutral cream shade, it was the perfect everyday wear that emitted a laid-back vibe.

The comfortable leatherette in-sole was a big turn on for a shoe-lover like me who likes to take long walks towards sales and the like. Hehe. Goodbye paltos! Hehe!

The laces were also cute, much like those of your usual top sider. I like the way it looked on my canvas-inspired pair.

And of course, by now you may have seen the yellow tag, meaning I got this on sale. At HKD $ 200 (roughly P1,200), I just couldn't beg off. The icing on the cake: it was the last pair, my size. :)

I love it whenever I come across a serendipitous pair.:)

Loving my chosen look, I immediately proceeded to dress up and headed straight to Rockwell to do some last minute shopping for a birthday gift with my companion (who loved my get-up, if I may add).

Here's the picture he took while we were on prowl for the perfect rush gift. Hehe.

Fresh no? :)

After shopping, we proceeded immediately to the party (we were almost 4 hours late, hehe) and ate and chatted with the celebrant like there's no tomorrow. 

Glad to have pulled everything off with my Adidas Superskate Vulc.

What rush?! Hehe.

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