May 9, 2011

A Treat for the Tagaytay Trip: The Adidas Toe Touch Textile

Weeks ago, I already planned to take my Mom and favorite Tita to Tagaytay in celebration of Mother's Day.

I already had everything plotted: from the departure, to the places I intend to take them to, to the shopping afterwards, among others.

But days before, I still had no idea which pair of walkers to wear.

I mean, it will be a semi-long drive for someone like me who's used to just driving around the metro. And the fact that it will only be my second time to drive going there only adds to my exasperation. After all, I only have my google map which can only do so much when my ipad's signal goes bonkers.

Thus, based on actual experience and my limited long-driving skills, I should consider a most comfortable pair in case the drive goes longer than usual. Yup, for someone like me, being lost once in a while becomes almost inevitable. Haha!

I normally go to the mall to de-stress afterwork either to work out at Fitness First or have coffee. Last thursday was no exception. I was doing my usual rounds, thinking about what to wear for the said special occasion when I saw a pair on display at the Adidas Originals Store in Trinoma.


Remember my last post about the Adidas Court Adapt? How I got it in a serendipitous way?

Well, it seems like lady luck never did leave my side.

Because right in front of me was another pair I had in my wish list: the Adidas Toe Touch Textile.

It was even more beautiful upclose.

The colorful stripes had my name written on them. Perky!!!!

I already own a pair of pink and blue Adidas Toe Touch so I know for a fact how comfortable this pair is.

Comfortable enough for a...long drive to Tagaytay. :)

I took a look at the tag price and smiled in appreciation.

P 1,995. Pwede. Timely since I saved a lot with the 50% off on Starbucks Frappe recently (haha, yes, am justifying everything).

Funny thing though is that when I got my usual size (9.5 US), I found out that it was way to big. My thoughts were affirmed by the sales person who told me that the Adidas Toe Touch Textile had big sizes.

Guess what? I was down to size 7. Haha! Lotus Feet much? :)

I couldn't care less. What matters is that I can already cross this out on my wish list. Hehe.

So I got the pair and immediately headed home.

My mom was waiting there for me and her next words proved my thoughts right about mother and son sharing a special psychic bond:

"Bumili ka ng shoes no? Patingin. "

And she said that even before I got off from my car. Haha!

Quite proud of my purchase, I showed it off to my Mom who applauded in glee.

Nice. I got the reaction I wanted. So the deal is set. The Adidas Toe Touch Textile is my official Tagaytay pair.

So finally yesterday, my Tagaytay trip finally pushed through.

Unmindful of the long drive, the heavy rains and my poor sense of direction, my Mom and my Tita had a blast in Tagaytay.:)

Maybe because it was time well-spent together.

Or maybe because I finally got my wish.

Of being able to show my Mom and favorite Tita how much I loved them.

And being able to get yet another most coveted pair: The Adidas Toe Touch Textile. 


Bboy Capa said...

Those shoes are awesome! Hey, what type of shorts/capri's are those? Looking to buy a pair...

Myke Celis said...

Hey Bboy! The capri is from adidas originals:) they have a navy blue one also. Go get yourself a pair. Worth it:) please follow my blog. Would love to have you onboard:) thanks. :)

Bboy Capa said...

Already following. :D Man, the selection of shoes over there is just amazing. I live in the States and it just doesn't even compare. I have to buy pretty much all my shoes online.

It looks like the capri's aren't even available for men here in the US. Anyway to order online?

Myke Celis said...

Haha. I have yet to compare. Hmm, I've always thought the US had better options. But Hong Kong is the best.

That I don't know. I just saw my pair on the rack.

Hmm, David Carther I assume? :)

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